I’m out of energy. The past months have been super crazy. Pretty much the worst time of my life. Actually this whole year. And I thought it would become the time of my life. But it didN’t. Because I was too afraid. At the sametime, I was too fearless.

My life was nothing but a giant collections of pictures, videos, ideas and memories.

And no matter where I went, I gave my all. The past 9 months, I’ve been working harder than ever before in order to fast track my career and spread my art across the whole planet.

My life is so fast paced. I meet people. I fall in out of love. With things, places, people and … music.

I experience an unknown state of body and mind since I started this mysterious Yoga Journey.

I breathe.

I live.

I rise up.

I fall down.

The more I see, the less I wanna know.

The further I go, the less I speak.

I save energy wherever I can.

Lifes a maze.



Am Eis.


That was a German Poem. And this pic looks like … an airplane.

Oh, I got another Lufthansa Flight coming up.

Remind my assistant to get a Miles And More Card for me and talk to Lufthansa for collaboration and advertisement services. We are running the biggest global agency for social media marketing and branding.

DS Creative Media

My assistant: Marcel B.

My intern: APPLY NOW ! jobs(at)goaldigger.de

Our clients are:

  • Vapiano
  • Unity Global
  • Jeunesse
  • Honigkeks
  • Cannababe Katie
  • Virgin
  • Richard Branson
  • Atacama
  • #Goaldigger
  • ilpt
  • ALO Yoga
  • The Practice Bali
  • Peninsula Bangkok
  • Centara Grand
  • Canon
  • Olympus TG Tracker
  • Juice Plus
  • Baba Yaga Tattoo Bali

PS: Sometimes I fall asleep while I am on my macbook and i managed to write down my dreams. I publish the best ones.

You’ll find them here:



Written by dajana
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