This blog

The blog is a personal diary of the author Dajana Sain, who started to share her journey to success and honestly showing all the challenges and obstacles that it embodies, in January 2015.

At that point, she was a police officer in Frankfurt (Germany) and her life goal was to become a super successful entrepreneur, making billions by creating amazing products.

Using the power of the law of attraction , she created her absolute dream lifestyle, including amazing travels and a beach home on a paradise island, within she shortest time but then realized, that she still wasn’t genuinely happy.

Seeking answers, she sort of stumbled intoĀ an inner journey and found her calling and purpose through yoga and meditation.

Since she was struggling with herself all her life and finally found happiness and fulfillment by finding out who she really is and making peace with herself, she aims to pass that on to others. So her life goal changed to PEACE. šŸ˜€

HerĀ mission is to bring love to our hearts and peace to our minds. Therefore she shares all her deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences and develops techniques that help people to truly be themselves and listen to their hearts in order to find their true purpose.

You are here for a reason. You are a gift for this world. Your purpose is to be happy. Therefore you have to find your calling and follow it. This is what will fulfill you more than anything. This is what will bring peace to your mind and plant a fire in your heart, so big, that it can light up the whole world. You are LOVE.

May you be happy, loved and free. <3