Steve Jobs’s declassified FBI report stated that an acquaintance knew that Jobs had used marijuana and LSD while he was in college. Jobs once told a reporter that taking LSD was “one of the two or three most important things” he did in his life.

Source: Wikipedia

“You should really try out drugs, they are absolutely amazing.”

One year ago a friend, that I had just met, dropped that sentence pretty much out of the blue, while we were eating. I almost choked and thought he must be kidding. I couldn’t believe what he just said.

A couple of months later, I was totally tripping out on LSD, which was not the smartest thing to do actually because I had no idea what would happen and yes, some things got a bit fucked up.

Because I had pretty much no drug experience (except alcohol) and wasn’t prepared. YES, it can be fucking dangerous for various reasos and this is why I don’t recommend anyone to do it, especially because you pretty much never know where that stuff comes from and if its safe and so on.

Despite my irresponsible decision, I was quite lucky though.

i only tried LSD once but I totally agree on what Steve Jobs stated. doing that was actually one of the best things I’ve ever done. And I really dont mind talking about it because people deserve to know the truth.

LSD expands your consciousness. the same thing that yoga does. activating kundalini energy. call it whatever you want.

the yogic way is not that full on and not that confusing, though. and it supposed to create a clear and calm mind with good morals, which is essential if you want more consciousness. If not, you are fucked because your reality gets so messed up that you can easily lose yourself. (but to be fair, LSD is not addictive and has the lowest rates of damage indicated by the drug regarding the user himself or others – the damage that alcohol consumption causes is massive btw.)

But lets go on.

everyone wants “enlightenment” – which is basically higher consciousness – it feels exactly the same like being on low dosed acid (LSD).

and that higher perception (when it comes in an instant) will only mess with you if you don’t have your mind on track because suddenly you dont know anymore what reality is. the truth is, the world is a giant playground with tons of different realities. you create the one that you aim to live in. reality is really just a matter of your perception. You can be crazy psychotic locked up in a clinic somewhere, which will happen if you live only in your head.

But if you manage to govern your energies in the right way (=CONSCIOUSLY, not through random thoughts) and align your body with the creations of your minds, the possibilities are endless. Then you can use it as a vessel to create whatever you can imagine. There is so much magic out there.

Again: if you can dream it, you can do it. Whatever you are able to imagine, you can CREATE.

Obviously great people of the past knew about that and they have been trying to wake their fellow souls up for thousands of years. People like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Or Jesus or Buddha. (Or Hitler, who took a really fucked up approach and got lost too much in his insane visions, so lets leave him out here. But nevertheless: we can not deny that he was able to create a lot of energy and move masses and this is what I am pointing out here.)

Steve Jobs, Disney, Elon Musk, whoever were ony able to create all these incredible things because they were either on drugs 24/7 or in sort of a natural psychedelic state (awakened kundalini energy = same same like all drugs together lol) that allowed them to connect to the cosmos and all its gems and higher intelligence. You can also call it “inner wisdom”.

Good news for you: the potential for that lies within everyone. But you have to shape your personality in order to access it (without drugs).

The thing is: if you use drugs to access it you will most likely mess up the horse that carries you through this war: your body. and once you mess that up, you’re pretty fucked, no matter how brilliant your mind is. unless you are steven hawking lol. Jesus, these geniuses all carry the same name haha.

So how do I access higher consciousness? Well, your pineal gland is essential for that. But its getting smaller and smaller because of the lifestyle and environment that we find ourselves in. So we’re getting less perceptive.

PURITY of mind and body helps with that.

that means: EAT CLEAN. dont poison your body and brain with anything. dont consume anything toxic: foods, energy, information.

Why do you think Steve Jobs was vegan (and hated to be around people)? because rabbit food tastes so incredible? like a nice steak? Fuck no.

The food industry found ways to create edibles that trigger exactly the same brain areas as some drugs do. very addictive drugs. pretty much everyone is addicted to sugar. and cheese. But its not your fault. There are lacto morphines in cheese. Its comparable to super low dosed heroine.

I wonder every day why people dont realize that they get systematically poisoned by those who rule this world.

Most people judge the use of recreational drugs while they are all highly addicted to any sort of “comforting substitutes” (food, sex, attention, money) or so called “legal drugs” in order to numb their hearts and souls that are crying louder and louder to be freed.


You are on pills every single day to keep functioning through your depression but judge someone who smashes lines of cocaine? Same same. Really. The difference is that one is provided and financed by the government, the other one is only accessible through the black market.

They should rather legalize drugs (like HOLLAND, duuuuh), sell them legally and educate people how to use them instead. In that case, way less people would crawl on Frankfurts brothel district streets, desperately craving for crack stones.

or we can just give everyone legal drugs such as RITALIN. which is really like cocaine. If we did that, the average person would finally be able to use more than only 10% of their brain and body capacity.

And if we teach them how to find something they love and let them do that 24/7 they would work volontarily 24/7.

wouldn’t that be smarter than exploiting someone for his/her work force 8 hours a day? like little slave robots? To make the richest people richer?

Guys, what the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously. EMPOWERING people in the right way is the key.

Ok, I agree, we can’t empower them TOO much because once they realize that its way cooler in Neverland, everyone either kills themselves or ends up sitting somewhere in bliss – starving. And then everyone would die.

Because when you reach the state of oneness – samadhi – you lose your attraction for worldly possessions and not even creation makes much sense anymore because you can as well just sit there and be happy as never before.

The problem is, you are so happy then that you lack motivation for anything else but just existing . Its like an endless orgasm. in that moment, you really don’t give a fuck about the stock market or whatever. you don’t even care if you stay alive. actually, dying feels even better than an orgasm. its like an incredible state of bliss and oneness.

So its pretty tempting to trip over in that moment. I almost died by accident. It felt amazing. But I realized what was going on in the last second.

Unfortunately nobody told me before. Thats why I share my experiences. Love was what kept me here.

Therefore we need to help people to develop enough self love that they stay grounded and don’t end up in Neverland by accident, just because it feels so good.

If that self love thing doesn’t work, we need bond them to a soul mate at least (who takes them back to earth if they trip over the edge, lol.).

The yogis taught these things for thousands of years. And I really think its time to wake up.
Because there is so much more out there. More than we would ever believe. And our brains are the gateway.

You think the iphone is fucking incredible? Its NOTHING compared to what our brains are capable of.

But the sad truth is: most peoples minds are so fucked up that they are not ready for more yet.

They need to calm their minds first. If the moon has been made stable, the sun is able to rise. Thats heaven on earth.

Thats the place where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings, in Never Neverland. <3

PS: what do you think where Peter Pan comes from? And what do you think Walt Disney was on (naturally 😀) ?

Written by dajana
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