How to self cure DEPRESSION.

the reason for suffering is nothing but a belief that is approved by the matching (negative) feeling.

Because it is our thoughts that create our feelings. Well, sometimes its subconscious programming, resulting from past experiences that hurt us emotionally. This is why its not “that” easy to stay happy and positive just by thinking – which is shitty because its the key ingredient to successful manifestation. You can think whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t match your feeling, your ENERGY, it wont help anything.

Rhonda Byrnes book the secret is pretty dope, basically explaining how to raise your vibe into pure love and thereby: how to magically manifest anything.

The problem is that most people aren’t ready for that knowledge because the reason why they aim to manifest something is because they believe that it will bring them happiness.

But you have to be happy first. Sounds like a vicious circle, huh? How can I be happy? Well, just be happy and then you’ll be happy. ummmm yeah thanks mate. sounds exactly like “second star to the right and then straight till morning”

the thing is, you must be willing to live in a reality that you’ve created in your mind and pretend that its true, even though everyone thinks your fucking crazy.

But thats pretty much the most efficient way to reach enlightenment … which is pretty much the same as happiness.

I have to admit that proximity plays a key role in this whole contruct. you become the people you surround yourself with.

So you have the option to leave the people you are with and enter a different social circle in order to naturally be in the right vibe (easier option) or you become a mental warrior, able to perform on the highest level, no matter where you are and what challenges you have to deal with…because you have everything you need within. which is of course, easier said than done. the easier option is to surrender to DEPRESSION. which basically translates to: lost hope.

becoming a warrior is fucking tough but unfortunately, the only option if you want the true reward. you NEED to transform into the highest version of yourself.

if you dont, your heart will speak louder and life will bug you over and over again and finally hit you with the sledgehammer if you dont make a move towards greatness.

I have to admit that I struggle with that a lot at the moment. I thought this giving up all possessions and going homeless thing in Sydney would be tough but to be honest, it was easy compared to the challenge that I am facing now. even though I am now in the most protected space with the most amazing people and animals on earth – my family.

But the energy in this country and especially in the city that I am in feels so toxic. Heavy, dense and

But everything that we see in the outer world is just a projection of our inner state , so I am the only one who can fix that.

Well, there is actually nothing to fix. Because I went so far on that spiritual path that I realized that nothing that I do can add anything or take anything away from my existence as my time here on earth is really not more than a blink. Time, that has been given to me to make the best out of it. Life, that has been given to me to live.

And I can either skip time by being sad, questioning events that occur and giving into worldly desires that give me the illusion of comfort through that challenging phase of growth and transformation


I can stay calm and centered within myself, knowing that life is nothing but a game and I am the master player and not a fucking victim and create a reality that goes beyond all imagination.

Therefore I need to zoom out, step back and take a third person perspective … a technique that I developed through my project game of another life.

Writing the story helps me so much to get a clear vision again and follow the path that I am meant to be on. My mission to lead by example and show others that happiness is really a decision.

I asked for the opportunity to show the world that what I worked out actually works. So the universe put me exactly in the position where I can prove it.

We always get what we ask for. its just a bit wrapped up sometimes. its all a matter of perspective. I still know I can save the world with what I found out.

But before I save someone else…I have to save myself. 😉

Peace out folks. 

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur