Road to success

The road to success is rocky. Its not straight. It takes a lot of turns and it’s a long long journey. A lifelong journey that never ends. A journey that takes courage, effort and a lot of persistence. It is really hard, uncomfortable and painful.

Unless you are enlightened, then its easy peasy lemon squeezeeey. Well, it’s still an intense journey. But as soon as you change your view and experience the full adventure to the fullest, its not gonna be a painful thing at all. Its gonna be full of joy and bliss. And this is what this website is helping you with. Developing the attitude that turns your rocky road to success into chocolate. It teaches you how to build a castle out of the rocks that are lying in your way.

More than 4 Years ago, in September 2013, #Goaldigger founder and author Dajana Sain decided to go on that road…or actually kind of ended up there by coincidence by founding her first company Honigkeks out of a personal desire for a certain product. Honigkeks is a brand producing pet accessories and matching fashion items for its owner, because Dajana has never been able to find the perfect dog accessories for her beloved Chihuahuas Cookie and Honey.

Honigkeks has been on hold for some time but Dajana is currently looking for investors and business partners to turn this gem into a global multimillion-dollar brand in 2018. But she has to change the world first and then we can go for the big business goal.

She had a moment of enlightenment in May 2014 on 5th Avenue where she was standing in between the massive buildings, promising herself that one day Honigkeks would have its flagship store here. Then she went into Tiffanys and bought a symbolic bracelet to seal that deal with herself and promote endless success and abundance for the rest of her life.

You can check Honigkeks out on Instagram. She ran this all by herself, this epic creation is a one-woman show, from design to production (sewing) to marketing, web design , photography, customer relations and shipping. Very impressive but obviously she didn’t know much about business back then because if she did she would have outsourced and made it famous already – lol.  To be honest: she didn’t know ANYTHING about business – she just did it.

You can check it out on insta or here. Cookie and Honey say hi. They got a sister called Angel and all live in Bali today.


A bit more than one year after she founded Honigkeks, she started blogging to advertise that first company and found her passion in writing.

She decided to build an empire as a Blogger and Entrepreneur, not aware of how big and incredibly hard to reach her goals were and how much it would actually take to get anywhere near that. But thats just how she is: “Yeah, I’ll just handle that.” And then: “Shiiit, wtf did I get myself into, lol…”

Nevertheless, she started an experiment in January 2015, by documenting her personal journey to success, which lead her through many different careers and across the world in quite a short period of time.

She developed a deep passion for personal development, human psychology (especially in regard to neuroscience) and leadership and pushed her way through with constant trials and errors in business as well as in personal life. Loooooots of trials and errors. 😀

Since she started her documentary in the beginning of 2015, she redefined herself, her goals and dreams approximately a million times and started probably as many projects, businesses and hobbies.

In summer 2017 she went on an inner journey and finally realized that there are no shortcuts to any success in life and that happiness starts within. Yoga and spirituality helped her to find her true self, to face her deep fears and insecurities and live authentically in order to become a role model and leader in international business and self-help.

By November 2017 she reached enlightenment (which means she’s super happy all the time even if she cries because she realized that its all part of ONE thing: the expression of live).

BY experiencing the inner shift of consciousness, she proved that there IS a shortcut to enlightenment, just as she has always said. She wrote down her vision in this post. 

Her realization was that we are all like avatars in a giant computer animated game and once our souls wake up we can truly start living and experience this awesome planet and body that we live in, to the fullest. She knows that this sounds crazy, but only the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. And crazy is just a word we made up for something or someone we do not understand. But all creation is based on innovation. On something that only ONE was able to see. So being crazy is actually being creative. And creation is the root of all the amazing things we are able to enjoy on this planet. So yeah – be more crazy!

The journey goes on and is written while it happens.

Dajana’s mission is to inspire and encourage as many people all over the world to follow their heart and find happiness – no matter how hard it might be to get there. And she is also pretty annoyed by the fact that nobody gets her view of the world / reality and will make the day that people finally reach enlightenment a national holiday of the new world order. “I always said it but nobody would listen!”

She also believes that one day her birthday will be the international day of love, peace and unity. Its the Dalai Lamas b-day too and the international day of the kiss already, so its pretty likely to happen. In case she will ever receive the peace noble prize she is willing to trade it in for an international holiday, so everyone can benefit from that.

Feel welcome to follow her personal path on this blog , her daily diary on her Instagram as well as  her Yin and her Yang projects on Instagram, which are currently on hold until she has changed the world. But you can apply as a social media manager if you like.

The YIN Tribe and the #GOALDIGGER Movement, both created from the heart, aiming to share wisdom and contribute to humanity.

The Yin Tribe is an online and offline community, aiming to empower people to live their true self and connect to their divine feminine qualities, such as emotional vulnerability, kindness and compassion. Because thats really needed on this planet.

But what is one more needed is a shit load of not giving a fuck combined with ease and humor. Cause its really just a game, you can’t even die, so chill the fuck out. 😀

The #Goaldigger Movement is an online project motivating and helping people to become successful in whatever they want to achieve in life.

It can be a bit crazy though. Because thats what is needed the most on this planet. Sometime she will get out of her zone and speak to you in your language.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to get in touch.

May you be happy, successful, loved and free. <3 And CRAZY. Cause only those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. 😉

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