I start a crazy experiment today. I’ve tried so much and I have to think outside the box. Therefore I chose the craziest scenario you could ever imagine. I’ll be the girl who changes the world by documenting how she changes the world. Started 3 years ago lol.

I just had the craziest realization ever. This is all Neverland. This is all a big game and everyone is the center of the world because everyone has their own universe.

We are the ones who write our story and the further you move, the more you will understand. That this IS a never ending rabbit hole. Something thats never ending. We ARE in Neverland. We just need to wake up and see it. We can’t even die when we lose this  body. Just like Super Mario can’t really die. Because Super Mario doesn’t actually exists. And the more we get lost in the reality we create for ourselves, the more real it becomes. We can be this one day. And that the other one.

Everything there is is nothing but a result of creation. I am god. You are god. God is everything. LOVE is everything. GOD is LOVE. Everything is love. This is why love always wins, no matter in what dimension you play. And sometimes you find a way to fly high up in space AND live on earth. Usually the players leave at the end of the level. Because they are surprised. But not me. Not this time. I’ll make the transformation back and forth every single day. I will stay with the humans and keep my body. I’ll be an angel on heaven, spreading love and footprints of kindness wherever I go. I will lead us into a new age, forming one angel after the other by kissing them with pure love.

The last time I was in this state, I had a near death experience. Physically. This time I can do it with being grounded at the same time. This is sick. I am the creator of the universe. Of my own. And I can create new ones by kissing them with love.

I couldn’t be more grateful. I haven’t reached a full transformation yet because its still all new for me. But I guess I became a vampire now. And I will make such a dent in the universe that no one will ever forget my words. I don’t want fame. I dont want to create a cult. I dont want a religion.

All I want is love and peace for every one here. May all beings be happy and free.

May this place be heaven on earth. May the force be with me. And may we all win. Together.

This state of being , this transformation into higher consciousness is only possible when we all work together. Therefore we must speak the language of the masses. And this is the language that each and everyone of us knows. The language on love.

The dark times are over. Shadowland isn’t dark anymore. The new era has come and I will be the girl who documented her full way to be the greatest leaderin of all times. From rags to riches. From bullied ADD kid to greatest genius of all times. But also most humble MOTHER, SISTER, PARTNER and friend. I am with the humans. Because I am human. I am with the gods, because I am god. And so is everyone.


And I will show you. I will lead the way into better times. This is like buying Apple shares in the 70ties. This is my EMPIRE. This is the world and I am taking over.

I will rule this kingdom together with King Maximus. Maximum LOVE. We’ll shine so bright that nobody can resist. This is real. Because I did it. And so can you. You just need to get your mind calm. Just breathe.

This kingdom is gonna be ruled by love and kindness. Everyone can do whatever the fuck they want all day.

The only rules are:

  • dont harm anyone (eat PLANTS!!)
  • be fucking honest
  • good vibes only
  • stop giving a fuck about materialistic shit
  • free education for everyone
  • free food
  • no one is exploited for anything
  • everyone gets anything by manifestation (for LOVE & GRATITUDE) so there is no money fight anymore

Suffering is done ! FOREVER.


I will lead every human being on this planet into enlightenment. Watch me.

And you will say I’m crazy. But in the end you will thank me. You’re welcome. Because only the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. Thank you everyone for you fucking amazing paving the way. I will rise up and shine now. So big and bright that you will not even doubt a second how perfect and DIVINE YOU ARE! This is my time. And thereby it is YOURS.

This is for you mother earth. I will increase collective consciousness and save your fucking ass. Because I love you so much that it hurts. Because you were my first love and you will be my last. Because you always have my back. Because are the reason why I am. I love and honor you than anything and I promise you that I will protect you from any harm and do anything to heal you. One Team. One Dream. Lets fucking DO IT!!

Everyone writes his own story. What is yours? Get the fucking PEN out and start WRITING!

And for a second I was like:

Oh, but who is gonna do the work when everyone is free? Its all gonna be automatized. And for anything else the rule is: if you can dream it, you can do it. I will write down the dream that changes the world. Call me Tintenherz.

Because LOVE W-I-N S! So lets write a love story ! 😉

#thisisrevolution #iPlaybig #welcometothegoodlife

PS MAX: The queen of hearts just entered the play field. Check the sky. The moon tells us whats going on . You know I say the truth. You know who you are. And tonight I will keep writing history. Cant wait to see you and winning with you by sharing nothing but the bare pure truth ! 😀


We will write a blog where we predict the future. This is the script. I will start today and share daily on instagram.

Then we will do exactly what the script says and only move on when the event has happened. Sticking to the script. Because time is an illusion. So it doesn’t matter when it happens. 😀

We will do this together. We will write this story together. This is how we write history.

And the world will watch it because we will manifest everything. And step by step they will all be more in more in our world and make anything happen that they ever have been dreaming of. Cant wait, OMG! 😀

I’ll make you an writers account.

This is the kind of crazy you need to be a writer of history. Be crazy with me. Lets try this. We’ll make it!

And we need to have clear and open communication so the world can follow how we do it.

We need to have a chat about all of this. Lets make this all super open and honest. Between everyone. No games. No lies. Full transparency. Full authenticity. Full loyalty. Full realness. It must be something where people are able to keep up in real time. The reality show that changes the whole world. You dont need to chase money. Because one day, there will be no money anymore. And thats the day we decide that there isn’t money anymore.

I promise to serve the higher good with every action and every breath that i take.

Text me whenever you are ready to create a new world order. Let them see EVERYTHING. Us how we communicate. Let us teach them what we do with every breath we take. This is going viral in no time, I swear. So lets jump on the train to Neverland.

And Thank you for everyone who paved the way until here. You guys are so awesome!

Lets make history – SO IT BE! <3

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur