Game of another life

In my alternate reality game called “Game of another life” (GOAL) , its all about YOU.

This game helps you to create the life of your dreams.

You’re in my story now. Who do you want to be?

Here’s how it works:

  • ultimate GOAL that we’re working on together: saving the world = helping everyone to be happy and live the life of their dreams by establishing love, peace and fulfillment within the individual first
  • Playground: Royal QUEENDOM of Ohana
  • RULES:  TRUTH (in thoughts, words and actions) , NON HARMFULNESS, LOVE & KINDNESS

Create a character that matches your current reality and enables you to operate in the western world.

My western world character (for talking with authorities and super strict people that are captured in their prison mind) :

Dajana Sain, Blogger, Writer, Artist, Entrepreneur, age due to passport 27

  • EX-COP, now Lifestyle blogger aiming to become a successful international entrepreneur, Hollywood actress, spiritual leader, healer and musician, therefore doing social experiments and operating under various social identities within the framework of this alternate reality game
  • spiritual & logical
  • passionately fighting for justice on this planet, for unity between humans, animals and mother earth
  • very kind, intelligent and tolerant but knows exactly her truth and her boundaries and speaks up for her and everyone elses rights
  • knows the laws and sticks to them but loves to extend limits and mess with society – which works out perfectly as an artist 😉
  • skills: shit tons 😛
  • working independently, not teaming up with Illuminati or anonymous or any religion, but welcoming peaceful synergistic collaborations with EVERY person and living being on this planet
  • superpowers: TRUTH , reading peoples minds, influencing moods, making friends with EVERYONE

My personal goal:

Empower every single person on this planet so that they can unleash their infinite power. Therefore I must help them to dis-indentify with their thoughts and bodies and work out a short and easy manual for body mind and soul.


Unfortunately I cant do drugs in order to expand my consciousness because its against the law, so I have to find ways to beam myself in the zone by using my mind, my breath and my body.