A tribute to Christina Grimmie. Statement about the past weeks and events.

Writers Identity: Blogger & Artist Dajana 😉

Jesus guys, my journey was so intense lately and I have the feeling that I need to talk about a few things that have been taking place.

I’ve been around the world a lot and got really absorbed in my alternate reality game GAME OF ANOTHER LIFE. Unfortunately, that was not really serving my purpose as a human being as it fucked up a few relationships with people that are really important to me and I want to apologize for that.

I decided to make these relationships a priority over my art and therefore will minimize playing the game of another life until society is ready for that. Maybe it isn’t time for truth yet. 😉

I noticed that people aren’t happy when I integrate them in my real life story with their real names but fictional stories, so I decided to write a story that is pure fiction, but I will integrate personal experiences, that I made in the past couple of years.

I will write a bestseller called Surfing through life. Its a story about LOVE, LIFE, HAPPINESS and MIRACLES.

As a tribute to Christina Grimmie I will name the main character Christina. And of course for Christina Perri – A thousand years.

So heres my new human character in the Game of another life:

I’m a german writer, actress and musician, who wants to make it to Hollywood, no matter what.

I’m living in Bali, the island of GODS, but I am currently in Germany, visiting my family and making sure that I can take my dogs to where I want to go next, which is actually California. The book is gonna be a self help book wrapped in a semi dramatic love story.

My vision is that this book goes viral in no time and I will sell the movie rights for 50 Million USD. So I will spend my time writing and making music. Because I will live that dream, no matter what. Get rich or die trying.

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur