My lifes like a movie, my emotions are like an ocean and true loves kiss can’t wait any longer. 😀

3 years I have been roaming around in order to find out what life is about. what love is about. What is the secret of relationships? What does all of this has to do with soulmates and stuff?

I found the solution and am finally able to understand and explain love. And even though its easy in theory, its pretty demanding, when you apply it to your life.

Because the truth is: love is – just like any other success – nothing but an easy standard formula. The key ingredient is action. and action is something you have to take – consiously.

It is a decision.  You marry a person before you get married by committing to him or her. And of course we want the best pick, right? This is why we have to commit to ourselves first. Insecurity only comes, when we get off track and start interacting with other people who have other views, opinions and realities. Because the secret to life is:

Everything is possible and nothing is wrong or right. Its just experience after experience after experience and we are supposed to learn and grow from our

The thing is, success only comes with commitment. In relationships as well as with anything else. You can plant a billion seeds but none of them will thrive if you dont water them. But you can plant only one seed and the more you focus and take care of it.

What often holds us back are our emotions. You’re not feeling it. Yeah, that can happen. But success only comes when you keep going, no matter if you like it or not. Just do it. No pain no gain.

I recently asked my friend Steve, one of the most successful people I know, about his secret to success. He said: there is no secret, its just hard work.

I asked my friend Calvin, who is the most ballin human I’ve personally met on this planet and he said: hard work. It means to not give a fuck about being tired or whatever state of mind might possibly hold you back.

You need to learn to love the pain and use it as fuel. And I’ve been doing and writing and so on for ages, always reaching higher, going further but I haven’t been able to put all of that content that I created into a solid system yet to make it accessible to everyone and I am wondering what holds me back from taking all the wisdom and just putting it out there.

Something holds me back and its some sort of excitement combined with a deep intuitive feeling that tells me: wait for it. Not yet.

I feel like I have to win the game first before I put out a manual for everyone else. Because everything happens for a reason and this approach has never let me down. Real greatness comes when you are goverend by your soul, that tells you the story thats written in your heart, use your mind to work out a solid plan how to make it happen and then use your body to put the plan into action.

Dream. Believe. Plan. Achieve.

I am deeply empathetic and very sensitive to emotions which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. A two folded leave, just like a knife. It can serve you but it can also kill you. We have to learn how to master oursevles and turn love into a sword. This is why we have to learn how to handle our emotions and create the

I have to learn how to transform pain into power.

But on the other hand I am like: my fucking time is now.

You need to relax and surrender into the situation and push through it, even if its hard.

Discipline. Dedication. Devotion.


Find your soul.

Get the goal.

Think it.

Ink it.

Do it.

Review it.

Blueprint to success.

Success is simple. but not easy.

When they are talking about Wervolves and Vampires they are talking about an inner transformation that happened through pain caused by love.

The poison of a vampire can only be handled with care because the person might die and then its heart is frozen forever.

Kill yourself every day but don’t die.

Because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And when you’re stronger you are happier. Happier than perfect. 😀

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur