Jeeeeesus, I’ve been on this event from our network marketing team unity global today and it has been fuckiiiin’ epic. I’m tired AF (and I dont mind using F-words) but I want to write down my vision before I go to sleep. Because I had more incredible realizations today.

So, everything that I stated was actually true. It is currently manifesting. In my Santa Wishlist post.

So heres how my future reality looks like:

  • Febuary – End March : NYC – i have to plan that stay (write a story in order to manifest it). something is waiting for me in NY. It has been calling me for years, lol.
  • End March – End April: Germany – build my business with some badass Bossladies.
  • End April: Yoga Teacher Training in Bali at the Practice
  • June: coming back to Germany for the world cup and birthdays and travels around Europe until End August
  • September: off to Bali or Cali. It feels more like Bali atm but there’s a good chance that it will be Cali. Lets see. 🙂

My vision:

One day I will host massive healing yin yoga and life music concerts. Thats why I need to go to new york. I need to make some contacts in Juilliard, i dont know why yet but the universe will bring me together with the right people.

And I will be ready writing my book then. My flight is on the 5th. Then I’ll go to Berlin to visit a friend and fly to NYC from there.

I’m have such a weird feeling. Somehow super calm, I can hardly describe it. It feels very serene and peaceful. But maybe thats just the calmness before the next storm rolls in. I had tons of those within the past 3 years and I’m really grateful for all the experiences that actually beamed me right into a super fast inner transformation. The hardest have been the most valuable of all.

I hope its not another storm because I’m actually pretty sick and tired of them but I kinda stopped believing in fairytales and decided just to surrender to whatever my destiny is holding. And create an epic future.

Well, okay, that fairytale statement a lie of course. I still believe in them but something within me has changed. And I still believe that one day everything will make sense and will fall into place automatically and I also know that New York hast been calling me for ages. Legitimately.

That Game of another life experiment went a bit wrong, at least the Max part and I’m not supposed to write about this in public but to be honest I dont give a fuck anymore. Because life threw me into that adventure and then hit me with a full on twin flame energy fist that kinda healed me for the rest of my life. From being dependant on other people or being needy or letting anyone treat me less than I deserve. So yeah, I’m not even sad or bitter about what happened because it actually freed me by increasing my self love to an incredible extend. But what came with it was that realization that from now on I am first and there is no way anyway of finding another me so I can as well stay on my own for the rest of my life or engage in an relationship that doesnt fuck me up.

So yeah…lets see how fast I can manifest things this time.

Keep you updated ! 🙂

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur