More than two weeks I felt like I was in a washing machine, restless and lacking direction. I know now what to do.

I feel pain. but thats actually a good thing. its nothing but an expression of love. Emotions are powerful. They can take us down. but they can also bring out the best within us. When we manage to channel them into creative power, we are invincible. This is what greatness is about. This is what the pheonix does. It rises out of his own ashes.

Today is new moon. My intention for the upcoming crescent moon period is to write the most heart warming story. About love. life. Happiness. and miracles. A movie, named happier than perfect.

A story that is half fiction, half reality. a story about souls that are so strongly bonded to each other that they can hardly live without each other.

A remake of romeo and juliet. a remake of twilight. of harry potter. of 50 shades of grey. of all the movies. the next oscar winning block buster.

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur