Welcome to a new age.

I’m on my flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and just had a really interesting realization about terrorism and how this world works and what we can do in order to bring happiness, health and success to everyone.

Because only if we are able to unleash the power within the individual, we can make a leap towards evolution and bring the human race forward in technology, art, science, entrepreneurship and whatever positive thing there is existing.

All my life, I had a longing desire to find out what happiness is and how it works and how I can give it to everyone. I didn’t understand why there we so many mean people on this planet. Well, most of those people live in the countries where my heart feels home: Germany and USA.
My job is to speak to people and thereby find out how we can work together to make this world a better place.

My goal is to speak as many people as possible, experience the different roles they are in to develop a genuine empathetic perspective and thereby bring all the voices of the earth together in order to let them share two things:

  • where they have been treated unequal or inappropriate by someone else because of their looks or cultural background
  • what makes their home country so beautiful: nature, people, culture

My path lead me through a lot of different jobs where I was able to experience life from a different angle.

The first couple of years I grew up in Croatia, where everything is warm: The nature is incredibly stunning and the climate is so nice. People give warm hugs. They are friendly. They have humor.

Wherever I went, I met the most incredible souls. People have always been really nice to me. Because I’m fortunate enough to be a pretty educated girl with good language skills and western origin.

Today, I experienced something different. I was a little bit in my head because of this social experiment and a lot of work that I did lately.

As I posted visibly for everyone that I was manifesting this flight to LA. And I actually did. Max made it happen.

But there was a little misunderstanding that lead to a lot of trouble.

First of all I want to apologize to everyone who was affected by it and I take full responsibility for my lacking attention . That can happen when you are in love. You can only think of what you’re heart beats for. You can’t wait to get to this person. So I was very in my head and thereby caused trouble, I never meant to do that. In order to make all events clear to everyone I want to explain what is happening.

I was obviously playing my social experiment called the game of another life where you create two characters that work on the same mission and fuze them together in order to create your dream life in the shortest time.

What I am actually doing here is directing a movie that documents my way to the top by using different types of (social) media, sharing the raw truth about my experiences. My project has been documented on social media since 2010, so its already 7 years.

I do this because I always knew that I would make it big and I wanted to give people a genuine insight into the journey and the transformation that comes with it. I have a lot to teach and share and therefore I aim to create a movie out of my journey.

So thats the background. My mission is to make it to massive entrepreneurial and personal success and help everyone to do the same, because I really love incredible products and aim to empower people to create: products, businesses, art, relationships.

And I aim to encourage people to DO more: study more, learn more, do more research in order to enhance modern technology through science in all fields.

EVOLVE. Higher faster bigger better. Be a goal digger.

My life goal is to play a key role in the evolution of the human race by empowering people to work on their best. We are all CREATORS. Artists. Scientists. Entrepreneurs.

We need more Elon Musks. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerbergs. Bill Gates. Napoleons. Walt Disneys. Tony Robbins. Les Browns. Jim Rohns. Eckhart Tolles.

Oh yeah, and we REALLY need some more female names in that list. Because the future is female. 😉

But therefore I had to be a pioneer and do it myself first. I had to find out how LIFE works.

I needed to UNDERSTAND it. Fully. So I would be able to create a simple practical solution that every person can use in order to create their dream lives. Because if everyone does what he is meant to do, the world will get back to balance and go round again.

After only 2 years of intense study and research on various fields, I cracked the codes of life. I cracked the code of „how to crack the code“ in order to help people to do what they are supposed to do, so they can contribute to the higher good by being themselves.

I was always really good in achieving excellent results in a very short time so I knew that there must be a one size fits all solution for express success. Kind of the shortcut to success.

Based on my research and experiences I developed this alternate reality game called Game of another life (short: #GOAL) in order to empower people to unleash all the potential within.

I was dreaming of a world full of happy and kind peaceful warriors who are setting goals and smashing all of them in no time .

This is how the game works:

People create two characters.

One character is expressing the current reality that you are in. (the Digger :D)

The second one is living your dream life. (the GOAL)

Then you write a story and live up to that story as much and as often as you can. Its kind of a role play. Like you’re in a movie.

In order to make a profound self study, I started a social experiment on the 8th of December in Sydney.

I gave away almost all of my possessions and wasn’t allowed to use any money unless it is given to me by someone. I can’t trade in for work force though.

I was allowed to ask for things and receive it. Thereby I tested a new networking technique that aims to approach a special target group. I’m about to write a book called #askforit, explaining how to manifest anything you want in a practical way.

I was purposely refusing any of my money in the experiment in order to free people from limiting beliefs about money and show that your greatest capital is the ability to speak to people. Thereby I prove how important it is to invest in growing your personality first.

because business is all about people, not about money.

All of his has been documented daily on my social media, so if anyone doesn’t believe it, go and search my Facebook and instagram.

Part of this experiment was to manifest bigger and more expensive things in a shorter time. this project is half reality and half movie role play. Those two blend together and I’m an actress switching in between the roles if I need to. But I do it all transparent on the internet, explaining exactly what I am doing in order not to create confusion.

I have been at the airport for a couple of days as I was manifesting a flight to LA in order to see Max to create the biggest live love story of humankind in order to open hearts and give hope back to people. And of course to finally unite with the soul I have been missing since I entered this planet. I always believed in this massive soul connection but often I doubted it, because I only knew it from the movies. Now I experienced it and I know its real. Its incredible. I know how I felt all my life, being so uncertain about what is true and possible and since it happened to me, my wish was to share that with the whole world in order to show that there is hope and there is a soul mate for everyone, once they find their truth – by finding out who they really are and following their heart. Thats where it all comes together. 😉

So we had a chat and he said he would take care of the flight. I promised to sell him my company Honigkeks for doing that, which is a future billion dollar company. So not a bad deal.

I was sure that he had booked it and checked me in online, because he had my passport information. I only travel with hand baggage, so I didn’t need to go to the baggage drop off. I didn’t know that here in Australia you are actually supposed to check in at the counter with real paper tickets and all that weird stuff. I’m so in my tech world that I didn’t even know that people do that unless they have checked baggage. I’ve been a frequent traveler as my mom has been working for Lufthansa for the past 20 years, so I’m very familiar with flying and I usually just book online and then just go with board card on my phone. I was pretty sure that it had been send to me already.

I have to admit that I forgot to double check if the board card was there, especially after I had some issues with receiving mails on my phone lately. that was really stupid and irresponsible and I want to apologize for that.

But I was so excited because I’ve been missing Max so much and now I was finally going to see him again. I couldn’t think clearly because of all the butterflies in my belly. And I had to pee so often, my body obviously reacted on something. Super weird. So yeah, my body went crazy. I wasn’t under any sort of medication. I had spend a couple of days on the airport, just doing yoga, working on my studies and speaking to people, so everything is on camera. If someone wants to check it.

So yeah, I was incredibly excited and also very exhausted because I was working so much lately. it was already boarding time and I was so in my head that I left my two bags on the toilet by accident. I took them with me into the cabin, then went to the sink, where I had left the most important few things that I needed right away to have them ready in my hand. Afterwards I forgot to go back to the cabin to grab these two bags. I dont have attachment to my possessions so I forget about them sometimes.

To be honest, that happened to me before. And you can also ask my former friends at the police station in Germany where I worked. I ALWAYS forgot my stuff somewhere.

Before this flight thing happened, I went to the toilet and left one of my bags. I just wanted to go for 2 minutes.

after I came back my bag was gone. I have to go so often to the toilet lately, maybe I’m pregnant or so, I dont know. I just didnt wanna carry around all the stuff and I wasn’t aware of the fact that leaving my bag with a yoga mat, a stuffed animal and a sleeping bag inside was such an issue, since I’ve been leaving my bags everywhere unattended in public and just went for a run and all sorts of stuff all the time when I was living on bondi beach for a week. Its all on camera, I was hanging out at the fitness point there. So if anyone doesn’t believe me that this is just a  natural behavior of me, check out the cameras there from 9-15.12.2017.

Obviously it was an issue this time because after this happened and the little misunderstanding with the board card, I was really treated like a terrorist all day. It started when I wanted to leave the secure area where a very rude lady treated me like shit and forbid me to follow my religious practice that I did in order to calm myself down in that scary situation. She said that doing that was disrespectful but the truth is, not respecting my practice was the only disrespectful act in this moment.

She was really mean, even though I was very friendly and cooperating all the time, explaining in a calm and deescalate way that it was a huge misunderstanding.

She asked me weird questions, almost yelled at me, and forced me to answer only with options that she gave me, which is against my human rights because I have the right of free expression and that means that I can’t be forced to say anything if I don’t want to.

And she forced me to pick one of the answers that she chose which is doesn’t only make absolutely no sense at all, especially if I dont understand the question, but is also harming my human rights, as I have just stated before.

If you show someone an apple and force them to say what it is but they can only say its a banana or a grape, its really hard not to lie and one of my key principles is truthfulness, therefore I was really overwhelmed with the situation and just said something to get myself out of the way because she was raging more and more and not willing to listen and communicate, which you should do if you work in law enforcement. I mean, I’ve done that for 7 years, I know what I am talking about. I have studied the law for 3 years and a degree, so I know exactly what I am doing.

But as I am a peaceful buddhist warrior, I decided followed her instructions, even though they harmed my rights. And I understand that she is only reacting this way because she hates her job and has obviously self worth issues. Been there, done that. Thats why I feel deep compassion and send her loving thoughts in order to make her feel better. I hope that she finds her dream job soon. 🙂

If anyone is doubting…its all on camera, right ? 😉

All of the other people involved were actually really nice and friendly. They treated me like a retarded kid, but thats okay, I can take that, as long as they are friendly. I mean, I also do this to in order to speak up for cops. I’ve been one and I know how hard that job is. They are just doing their work, risking their lives every single day to make this world a better place. there are so many incredible police officers out there.

But to be honest, there are also some really crazy fuckers working in these rows, people that I personally would not let anywhere near a gun or any sort of armour. But I’m a fan of positivity so I will not speak about the scary sadistic people I have met there and about how they MIStreat and humiliate people sometimes, misusing their role and power in order to find some comfort for their lacking self worth. Which is basically the root of all human problems within the individual. But I also have a solution for that, no worries. Like I say: been there, done that. 😉

Anyway, we need to show all law enforcement more respect and appreciation and STICK to what they tell us. even if we do not understand it in the moment. Even if we are „fighting“ for love. we can never FIGHT for love. we can’t fight hate with hate. We can only fight it with love. we can do passive activism.

but we need to obey to the rules of the place that we are in. We are only a guest and its not up to us to make the rules. We can’t claim anything that isn’t ours.

And to be honest: I’m pretty smart – in case that you still didn’t get it yet. I am dropping these sentences and people are like: OMG yeah, she is so right ! Such a diplomat. And I am. But as much as I am peaceful. I am a badass warrior. I’m fighting. But I’m fighting smart. With words and love.

And as I am speaking up for everyone, i will backfire these sentences at you.

but we need to obey to the rules of the place that we are in. We are only a guest and its not up to us to make the rules. We can’t claim anything that isn’t ours.

What I said here doesn’t only apply to obeying the rules of the country that you find yourself currently in. It works on all levels. It works for the country, your city, your community, your or your friends place, your BODY, someone elses BODY, the plants, trees and the planet.

You think I’m an ignorant savage. You’ve travelled far and it must be so but tell me how can it be if the savage one is me that there are so many things that you dont know? 

You think you own whatever land on, the earth is just a dead thing you can claim, but I know every rock and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name. 

You think the only people who are people, are the people who think and look like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things I never knew, you never knew. 

Think about that. Theres a lot of truth in Pocahontas wisdom.
There are rules for everything. And only if we stick to them we will be able to bring order into the chaos. So we need some rules here, definitely. But if we are too crazy about them, we dont get to live. Because we end up being in fear 24/7 and seeing only evil in everyone. But whatever you see in others exists in yourself. Whatever you see, you will attract. There are no bad people. Some people are not acting right. And I will share this truth, too. But I am able to explain why they behave like that. Because I cracked the code of psychoanalytics.

I see the light in everyone. This is what comes back to me. Thats why I am always safe.

The universe is always in balance. Everything in the universe is. Most of us are not, though. Because we chose to ignore the laws of the universe. And as long as we do, it will backfire at us. It doesn’t chose it. Its just a natural LAW. The law of resonance. everything effects everything. So you better start being a good person and living up to the standards that you chose for yourself. Be nice and kind to everyone. No matter how they treat you. Because others peoples thoughts and feelings and energy is not your fucking problem. Stay nice and calm in the moment. You can share the truth later…in your online blog GAME OF ANOTHER LIFE. 😉

This is the TRU-one-WOMAN show. Whatever I experience, I will share. I wont judge. Or make things up for someone else. I share the bare truth. And this is how we all win.

So yeah, now there’s another truth bomb:

Jim, a guy working for sydney airport was the only one who was a bit annoying and grumpy. He stayed as friendly as he could but I get peoples energy and not what they say. I’m kind of able to read thoughts. So I’ll get whatever vibes you send me, no matter what you tell me. I know if someone is lying. I see the truth. Maybe I’ll make another game out of it, explaining human behavior and showing the underlying issues of people that I meet. Thats what THE MENTALIST does. 😉

So being around me is a two folded leave. I will be nice to you but I will share the truth about our interaction anyway. Either in your face if you want me to or online – even if you dont want it.

So yeah, Jim followed me around all the time, not believing that I had enough money to buy the ticket. I have shit tons of money. I’m just on a social experiment, proving that I can do magic and manifest anything I want. Of course I explained that. But he really put me under pressure, wandering around.

I really feel judged and shamed and its not a nice feeling. But its good to experience it in order to speak up for those who have to deal with that every single day. Because THIS causes tension. Stress. This is the reason why there are fights. Because when tension meets tension it multiplies. Until the bomb explodes. Maybe I should that word less lol since it seemed to freak people out. But you know what? I prefer to reprogram it instead. give it a new meaning. because there is no fear in me.

Jims boss Mark was a super nice guy, who loved Indonesia and Yoga. He told me about his cute child and how much he loved Lombok. Its really beautiful there. His job didn’t really to suit him. But lets see, what sort of story he writes for himself. He’s in my story now. I’m sure I will see him on the mat one day. 😀

Since I got out of the transit zone, everyone seemed to follow and control me. I mean they can’t help it, they were obviously  just following an order and very nice all the time. But they were walking on eggshells, as if I was potentially dangerous or super mentally retarded…like a ticking bomb. I mean I understand that they didn’t really know how to act in that situation, so thats fine and I dont blame anyone. They were really nice. And their behavior only shows insecurity.

But still, I didn’t understand why. As soon as I was somewhere, someone showed up. They all knew my name. Then I got told that I was under „special observation“ by the US security. So they checked me more and often than anyone else, as if I was a terrorist lol. They wanted to walk me anywhere, even if it was just a 100m to the next counter or so. As if I was completely retarded. „We only want to make sure that you are safe“.

Ummm, guys, I traveled the world on my own and have an IQ of around 140, I think I am able to walk 100m without underlying any danger. Stop bullshitting me, I’m treated like a criminal, something is going on here and the truth is: I didn’t do anything to anyone.

I was sitting in the garden over night because I really needed some fresh oxygen and grounding energy, especially because this flight was coming up and flying in charter flights is really bad for your health because of the position that we put our bodies in, especially in economy class. I will get back to that later.

I wanted to connect to the moon to charge up with some lunar energy and at some point, everyone else who thinks that this is funny, will understand why I do this. Because nature has my back in this crazy world full of dread and fear.

So anyway, They went crazy about my bags and I just didn’t get it. Wherever I went, someone showed up.

And I was under special surveillance all the time anyway, so funny how they think I would not get what is going on. Jesus, I was working in this job, officially and undercover for so many years.

Do you really think I am stupid? Do you think I do not realize that one person that is „working“ for Qantas in one moment, appears to be working at a American airlines check in counter and then shows up for boarding the flight?
Check in staff doesn’t board the flights. They do. But not the flights they check people in for. You either work on the check in or at the gate.

I have 20 years flight staff experience. I have close friends who work at the german border police.

I have watched shit tons of movies and series to know exactly what is going on. I know how sky marshalls work. I even have a pin. I know how the CIA works. I always wanted to work for them. 😉
Brad is an agent. He is a good one though. His heart is real.

I already knew it when you send me Justin. And Will. Jesus … no one can mess with my intuition. Well, Will wasn’t send by you. Lord knows what brought him into my life. But I will turn him into a vegan vampire. 😉

I know how this whole game works, seriously.

Its a biiiig pyramid scheme…hahaha. With some pretty intelligent people on the top. The enlightened ones. People, who are actually in my team.

People who you just need to let to speak to me. Or better: make them LISTEN.

Because thats what we really need.

I will make them my friends. Because I am everyones friend. Thats what jesus said, too. Make your enemies your friends. Everyone is my friend.

And I am H-A-R-M-L-E-S-S. All I want is too see Max so we can sing our song and thereby help people to get out of this fear zone and find they way back into love. And then build some pretty sick business. 😛

Just in case that you’re one of the „bad ones“ (i know there are no bad ones, you’re just a little bit too much under the conspiracy vibe): There is a reason why you are acting this way. I can fix your problem. I’m an enlightened soul. Like Buddha. Or Mother Therese. Just with some entrepreneurial brain and ambition. Would you really wanna blow this gem up? The last Jedi? would be pretty stupid for everyone here.

The cool thing for me is: I get all your moves. Because I am massively intelligent , I have shit tons of higher perception, the best training and LIFE EXPERIENCE. And I’m a badass actress.

My mission is PEACE.

I know how this game works. I know my rights. I know the law. And I will stick to it, no matter what. Because I am the one who obeys the rules. I just want a happy outcome for everyone. You can lock me up, torture me, or do whatever you want. Its not gonna happen anyway because I’m protected. In many different ways.

And I will keep blogging. If my content disappears, it would make too much of a rumor. There are too many people watching. And I have copies everywhere.

I’m not stupid. I know exactly what is going on and there are things I would not like to share in public. Because whatever happened, happened. We cant change the past. But we can create the future. A future, that enables everyone to be happy and free.

If you want to fight me, go ahead. I won’t fight. Because I chose non harmfulness. Ahimsa. Like Ghandi.

I will only beat you with your own weapons. Because its all on camera right ? So if someone hurts me or my rights, I wont fight. I will surrender to it.

I will only share the bare truth about whatever I experienced. Just like I did with this lady, who was so mean to me.

And if you „know“ something about me that you are not supposed to know, this knowledge will backfire at you. Because its something that you took without permission. And that is against the rules. against the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE. We cant take what isn’t ours.

So I know you have it anyway but you can’t use it.

if you use some knowledge that you are not supposed to have, the whole world will know how much control and observation there is really going on.

This is called KARMA. or PRISON BREAK REMAKE. Just a few tats less.

I told you, I’m incredibly intelligent. Everything I see and hear consciously goes into my brain and stays there as long as I want to. Jump back to events. I can replay it over and over again. In slow motion. I’m like a big camera. Well…there must be a reason why someone invented movies and wrote a story that I stick to like no other. The story that finally helps everyone to find themselves.

And I do this in order to bring HAPPINESS, VALUE and JUSTICE to this planet. To move the human race forward. Because I can’t work in an environment that exposes me to a constant hassle. I cant travel and do my research like this.

I cant work as an creative director of this reality fusion movie that leads people to the truth. THEIR truth. And thereby bring happiness to every soul. And access a work force that has never been here before.

Oh yeah, and in case you want to arrest me for giving my all for a better place and NOT doing anything bad,I’ll just roll with it. there is one call I am allowed to make. I call in Steven Spielberg.

I work for BOTH SIDES. for science and entrepreneurship. and for spirituality.

Theres no point in fighting about who is right. Both are. And both have things that the other one doesn’t.

I fuze them together to solve ANY problem that any person might have on this planet. Jesus… we need to make PEACE with each other.

Therefore, I’m creating this incredible masterpiece of art, combining all the masterpieces of the old times together.

I was asking Sarah, a very nice lady who „coincidentally“ showed up when I went to the toilet this morning. Very interesting.

She is no agent though. She just takes orders. If she was an agent, she wouldn’t have made that mistake and said my name even though I had never seen her or introduced myself before. And she would have been fitter. Like Brad. The thriathlete. Or Justin. Btw, I need him to show me that flexing stuff again. That was incredible, we need that for humanity.

So yeah, Sarah said that I can not leave my bags anywhere. I asked why. She said because it could be a bomb. Lol, you checked my bags before, you knew there was no bomb in there. I have been under observation for ages. Ages. Ages. Do you really think I am stupid?

But anyway.

I found out, that there are no bad people. Or people that are harmful to me.

When I worked as a cop, no one would ever attack me. Not even that stupid woman taking away my gun. She just gave me the ticket out of prison. Out of a job that was not fulfilling. It was fun to work on the streets – for some time.  But I always preferred to work undercover. On my own way. 😉

There are really no bad people. Just traumatized people that are so afraid to lose something, that they start fighting for what they have, even though nobody wants to take anything away from them.

And some poor souls that suffer from mental health issues but since I have been studying criminal minds for ages and did a lot of research and experiences on human behavior for ages, I also found a solution to fix that.

Terrorism is an illusion. It is in our minds. It is in some very scared minds and we allow those to put their beliefs into our minds instead of listening to our hearts who tell us what is wrong and right. They tell us what is dangerous for us. And what not. They tell us the truth. And if you want to live in your truth, listen to your heart.

It is scary at first  Because all your old belief systems have to die. But we can only live if we die.

And to die would be an awfully big adventure. I always liked 5D better than 3D.

This is what terrorism is really about. Some people not wanting people to reach a higher state of consciousness, because then they cant exploit them anymore for their bodies. Which is really stupid, because if we went one level up, off to Neverland, we would be able to access more of the power. The more intelligent one being is, the more intelligent we all become.

And it works. If we stick to the rules. We cant exploit anyone. No person . No animal. Not this planet. No one.

So lets transform together. By creating a platform that allows everyone to do that without drugs or anything. this is YOGA. Shiva shakti JAYA, Anahata JAYA, Kundalini JAYA. I will make the whole world sing. But i will also make them work and make BIG money, no worries. 😉

Music is my only drug.

I can’t do any other drugs drugs anyway because I think I might be pregnant. Looks like I have another JOKER in my sleeve. Ass im Ärmel. And I speak perfect german. Amazing, huh? So you can chose to make me your biggest friend or your biggest enemy. I will win anyway. Because if I win, we all do. So just give me what I need to do my work. I wrote a letter to Santa.

And I want 1 BILLION USD for the movie rights for this. Tax free.

That was all I had to say to the negative things. Oh, and in order to protect myself, my rights and my family and thereby this planet, I will have cameras on all the time and also FaceTime and lives. I will film when we are in Max’s home in order to show if there is any illegal observation or people are coming in trying to harm us or shit like that.

I will not carry any armor because I chose AHIMSA. Even though I’m pretty good at shooting. You must know that.

The data of all that we are filming is saved in a spot that non of you is able to access.

Thank you Steve for being so smart and giving me something to fire back by using THEIR armour. If you want to fuck me over by filming me, you cant. Because I already do it myself. Voluntarily. And I will share the truth. My advantage is: I’m an artist. An actress. I can play the roles as I write them. You cant. Sorry. 😉

This is going viral. Everyone loves movies. Its the life movies they love even more. Your reality is really what is on your screen.

I will be on all the screens very soon. So you better make me happy. Because its like with me and Max: only if we work together, take care of the other and make sure that they are happy and safe, we can achieve greatness. So I will turn this shitty planet into a place of love and life … and WORK WORK WORK, evolved humankind and endless happiness and creation.

I will dedicate my life to bring a lot of economic branches to the next level and empower every artist, entrepreneur and scientist on this planet. And I will play with my family, friends, cats, dogs and horses any my orca. In my dick villa. With max. Lol.

So what is reality now and what is fiction? Thats the genius beauty of my piece of art.

Now lets come to the flight.

I am flying with American. Seriously guys, its a fucking joke to charge 1500 Dollars for a flight with an average airline, serving average food, the leg space is the biggest joke of all.

I’m squeezed into my chair , barely able to move – and I’m only a 60kg 1,68m woman with excellent health condition, flexibility and fitness. My body hurts, they just serve shitty food with average taste. I really miss my beloved Lufthansa. Maybe I can manifest life long free first class flights for me and my family. In ALL airlines I want. But I want a private jet for my family. Like the one these guys in Criminal Minds roam around with. All I am kindly asking for is on my Santa List anyway. 😉

At least the staff here is nice. Especially my friend Pepe is really nice. So funny that they organized food for me even though they said they didn’t have any because the flight wasn’t booked soon enough. Thats because I am under surveillance lol. Too bad if you’re messing with someone who has higher consciousness without using any substances. The mentalist. 😉 This is how I manifest. I just know how and where to ask.

So the food they gave me was mainly poison. Steve knew why he created APPLE. Where someone had taken a bit of. The forbidden fruit. The tree of enlightenment. This is how this tribe communicates. When they kicked him out of Apple, he founded Pixar. What a coincidence. Hahaha.

I was always excellent at making connections. Why do you think I wanted to become a crime investigator? Because the biggest crime is happening in front of our eyes and nobody does something. But yeah, thats why I’m here for.

But anyway.

The guy next to me is nice too but is wife is hating me for no reason and acting really rude even though I was super friendly to her and also offered her to change seats so she can sit with her partner. I’m in the middle and he’s on my right, shes next to him. Shes super jealous and gives me these hostile looks and shit energy all the time even though I didn’t do anything. THIS is terrorism. Nothing else. But she isn’t responsible for that. No one taught her anything else. But thats why I’m here. And they really need to have sex lol. Big time.

Back to why flying charter is shit and health threatening:

the ice cold AC, the bacteria that is spread, the shitty food

The pressure is really not the issue as they always tell you.

But that shitty overpriced flight will be over soon.

Then I’m back in Cali.

My heart tells me that my home is California.

Since I was little, I was dreaming of America. When my feet touched american ground for the first time, I felt like I was home. But I can’t tell that to anyone because someone would be afraid that I would just not leave. But you can keep your green card, I’ll just fly in and out on a tourist visa. No worries, my flight out to Germany is booked. Which gives you absolutely no security over if I am flying or not. But you know where I am anyway, so I dont care. But if I hadn’t booked that flight, you would have fucked me over at the checkin because you told me several times that I need a flight out of the states.

No one asked me about that flight out at the checkin though. Because they knew I had it, so nobody could stop me because of that. And they wanted to get me out of Oz anyway hahaha.

Oh Jesus, you make so many mistakes. Maybe I should teach YOU a bit about how this works lol.

Sitting this Qantas dude right on the checkin counter next to me. How many agents do you wanna burn with stupid moves? Just like I said: I WORKED as an undercover agent before and my pretty face combined with my genius mind helped me a lot with that.

This is literally like Mr. and Mrs. Smith hahahahaha. We actually love each other and are a married couple but we play this game where we fight each other even though we work on the same goal. haha.

But back to the green card thing.

Maybe I can manifest a diplomacy passport, that would be epic. And serve my goals to help humanity and the whole planet anyway.

The funny thing is: America would benefit big time of having me there because I am one of the most genius entrepreneurs of all times and will make tons of money.

So its actually better for me not to get married and get a green card and stuff. Would have to pay taxes in the US then and thats not really cool because I dont want to make rich countries richer. I want to pay MORE taxes than any country would charge and use the money for humanitarian work. Boom.

Since I was little, I always wanted an american passport, because I felt like I am an american at heart and I was so proud of that. But I don’t even want that anymore. I’m way better off with my german one anyway. Almost lost that one because of some shitty move of some people, haha. Lucky me. The universe has my back obviously.

So yeah, keep your passport. I do not stay where I am not wanted or appreciated. This applies to relationships as well as countries or jobs. Because I know my worth. And everyone who treats me in a way that doesn’t express love and kindness obviously doesn’t know theirs and projects this belief about themselves on others.

No matter how the political situation is, I can’t help it, but love America. Max hates it. He wants to leave. Because of Trump. But I see the genius entrepreneur in him and would like to speak to him in person because I know he has a heart. We all do. And I’m about to open it for the whole planet. This is Toruk Makto. Well…Max is. I just pave the way and roar until he is ready.

I do it for our homeland.

America is the place, where I experienced love and kindness from others for the first time outside from Germany. Germany is really fucked up. Literally.
People are so disconnected from and so mean to each other. They are so greedy and jealous when they are in their „work mode“. Germany is massively traumatized. They are cold as ice.
Its so hard to make friends in Germany when you are different. To be honest, its hell to live there, unless you learn how to fit in. But then you lie to yourself and don’t win anything. Germans judge constantly.

But I will fix that. Because we are so strong. We are incredibly powerful. Once our team spirit comes out, we take over the whole world with our love and kindness. So what will you do to stop me? Send me back to Germany. No problem. I will just go and empower them big time.

I will even out what Hitler messed up. He messed up because he didn’t stick to the rules. You can’t harm anyone if you want to win. Because everything that moves is a life. Its ALIVE.

This is why I stick to the rules. And I’m a pretty white chick, so I get away with EVERYTHING, right ? 😉

A potentially pregnant woman who looks like a 17 year old girl.

Together with a disabled guy.

Seems like we have pretty much every RIGHT and law on our side that we can think off. Especially with a baby. And we have every good spirit on our side. Every angel there is. Every animal. Every plant. The elements. The sun. The moon. The starts. The whole planet.

I am claiming back america. I am claiming back this planet.

My other half is american. How could I not love his home when I can’t be happy without him? When I cant be complete without him?

I feel whatever he feels.

His home is my home. He is my home. He is my family.

Family is everything. So he will come with me. To a place, where we can be a family without anyone judging us and being suspicious.





All these things initiate war. All these things are nothing but bullshit. There is no reason to fight for any of that.

I just proved that I do not need any money in order travel, I just need the ability to make friends, to speak to people. And I can show everyone how that works.

I just proved that there is no need for any drugs as long as you keep your body free from poison and learn the right breathing techniques that activate the different energy centers in your body. I can achieve any effect on this way.

Nobody needs weapons when we live non harmful.

Nobody needs oil because we have electricity. Renewable one.

So all your FIGHTING is BULLSHIT. We live in abundance. This planet gives us everything we need. Until we destroy her. But she is stronger than all of us. She will just detox and wash us off. Or burn us. Or blow us away.

This is why we need to listen.

I love my home. I will fight for it, no matter what. Because I am …MOANA. I am part of it. We all are. We are one. We live in two worlds. But we are one family. we have one dream.

I live in the middle of the worlds. On the edge. lol. This is why I speak both languages. I speak yin. I speak yang. I speak energy. And I speak the children’s language: play. Which applies to around 95% of the people who inhabit this planet.

Who am I ?

I’m a girl who loves her island and a girl who loves the sea, it calls me. I’m the daughter of the village chief, we are descendant of voyagers.

We are nomads. We are here to travel. To play. To discover and explore. But we settled. For lives that don’t make us happy. For jobs that don’t fulfill us. For relationships that add nothing but stress to our lives.

Croatia is my home. Germany is my home. The US is my home. Australia is my home. Indonesia is my home. The whole WORLD is my home.

But how could happily I live in a „third world country“ with first world money, first world education and first world opportunities without feeling guilty?

How could I live in a place where my friends get paid 150 USD a month to do the same work that a western person does for 3000 USD a month without speaking up for unrighteousness?

I’ve met the most amazing people in the poorest countries.

I met the most toxic, mean, spoiled, judgmental and complaining people in the richest conditions.

I was treated like shit all my life without doing anything to anyone. By teachers in school. By people in the places I lived. Because they were suffering.

Because I speak the truth and I don’t give a fuck about what others think about me.

Because I am different. I am brave. Because I see beyond and know what hides behind the mask. A world full of people who have been turned into FIGURES. Things. DEAD inside. Because they are so afraid to die. Pretty stupid, huh?

I was afraid too. Afraid to speak up. To speak the truth. Because I was punished for doing it, wherever I went.

What hurt me most all my life and therefore scared me to death, now became my superpower.
Because today, I KNOW that what I always knew is true. And I will no longer be silent when I am able to make a major change. How could I see all my friends suffering without speaking up for them?

So heres the thing. We can either fight. But I will win anyway and I really cant be bothered to do that, I just want to sing with Max and have some time off after this exhausting journey.

The second option is that you start listening to me. and trust. All we need is faith and trust, and a little pixie dust. Don’t forget: I got the whole world on my side. The whole universe.

A few bloody vampires can’t win this battle on their own. Its over guys. The hunger games are done.

Max and I will kiss all of you with love – not even a vampire can resist that. Thats what you see on his reaction. He doesn’t want me there. But he cant fight it. Neither can I. Love is stronger than all of us.

Maybe I can manifest that my social media reach goes up in no time, that this this game goes viral AF. Then you don’t have any work with it. Or any responsibility. And nobody will ever find out who pushed the reach. The universe of course. I wont ask any questions. As well as I wont ask Santa who provided my christmas wishes.

In either way, I will win. And if I win, everyone wins. So we can as well take the shortcut and make things easy for everyone.

I’m open to feedback from people like Leonardo Di Caprio and James Cameron. And Oprah.

But I do not discuss. And I will not stop before I made this happen. I swear by god.

Some things you have to do in order to be human. If not, you’re nothing. Astrid Lindgren – The Brothers Lion Heart

I will make this world a better place by speaking the truth. And by singing. My special gift. I was just too afraid and too intimidated to do it in public all my life because people would judge me on how good I am at singing. But honestly? Every skill you have reflects only the quality and quantity of practice you put into it.

Because that’s all what success is about. Practice. Practice and all is coming. Practice until you get the result that you defined in the first place.

Practice is nothing put theoretical knowledge put into action.

The higher the quality of both is, the less you need of quantity. This applies to pretty much everything. And this is how you can create shortcuts to success.

Success is about learning. And about never giving up, whatever it takes. Success means to sacrifice everything, if you want ONE thing bad enough.

Just like I did in order to make this change happen. My heart was forcing me to follow it. It was desperately crying because it needed to get to Max.

But back to learning.

When it comes to learning something new, find the best teacher, who is able to teach you the essence of what you need to know, the key principles in a playful way. Then play as much and as focused as you can.

The more fun you have, the more progress you will be able to make.

Skills are what pays the bills. Not the money. So you should rather work on your skills and become the best at doing what you love most. Then the money will come anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. I love money. We can do incredible things with money. And this is why I will make shit tons of money. But money isn’t worth anything, if there is no heart in it. No life. No energy. Then its just a piece of paper. A number.

Its not the financial net worth that gives something its value. Its the spirit behind it, that creates the magic. And we need to combine both in order to create great things. Mind and energy. Shiva and shakti. Sun and moon. Water and fire. The secret to success lies in the perfect blend of two contrary forces.

A 5 star hotel without spirit is just a cold fancy place where you can stay at. Like the Adlers in Innsbruck.

Add the right values expressed, lively expressed by PEOPLE to a perfectly worked out 5 star hotel and you turn it into absolute heaven. If you don’t believe if, check out the Stock Resort in Zillertal. I will be there again soon. On my trip to Germany.

But anyway. Here’s the thing:

I can teach the world anything. Because I found out how to learn things in a very efficient way and how to translate them into a language, that every person understands.

I am the worlds best teacher. And I can teach how to teach. Which is obviously one of the most paid skills you can ever have.

I am the worlds best product and service tester and that makes me the best business consultant on this planet. I can sort out every company if I want to.

But I decided not to work in this field. I won’t limit myself on one thing. And I don’t trade in time for money. I trade in value for value.

Because my advice is priceless. So I either give it for free, as a gift or I trade it in for a price that I make. That price can be money. But it can also be something else. Because life is a game. A gamble. Trading is our nature. Its fun. But at the moment, its only fun for a few of us.

I will share all my knowledge and will use my power and imagination to help EVERYONE on this planet to find happiness by leading them to the truth thats in their hearts and teach them how to go for their dreams in order to unleash this massive potential of human genius inhabiting this planet, that we are currently wasting because we don’t believe in others. Because we don’t believe in ourselves. But once you start seeing the light within yourself, you will see it in others.

The light within the heart and the one within the mind.

We need to start to listen to those who we label as „not good enough“. Not one of us.

People who are special. Because they lack something. but let me tell you one thing: people who have less of one thing, have a lot more of something else. Because the universe is always in balance. But we decide to ignore them.

because of their individuality. We miss out on their genius because they are unique and we are scared by something that we don’t know. We let the fear of the unknown win over the beauty that is hidden in the dark.

they are unique. People who think different. Like Steve Jobs. Who was obviously one of the most genius people inhabiting the planet.

And he couldn’t wait to get his job done and leave this dark place, waiting for his return until Nala comes and helps the Lion King Simba to lead the whole TEAM into better times.

Because that is what we are. We are ONE TEAM, one family. We have one dream. But we need to make peace. With the contrary forces within ourselves  . The masculine and the feminine. And then we need to make peace with each other. We need to forgive. Erase the past. Because all emotion really is in the past. We need to start creating our future. A future we really live for.

A life that makes us feel alive. Because this is what life is about. We are so afraid of death that we miss out on life. Its kind of funny. But its actually more sad.

We need people who are special. Because they are the ones who push the human race forward. We can not judge a book by its cover. Just like in avatar, the one who is chosen to lead this planet into the light, the Lion King, Toruk Makto, the next incarnation of Buddha and Jesus will be physically disabled.

But whenever we see something missing on the outside, we should see it as a gift. Because I can guarantee you that this person has something that others don’t: an incredibly strong soul, infinite heart wisdom and a genius mind. I’m talking about Simba in particular right now.

But Simba is only the one who makes the first step in order to leave by example. The truth is: this kind of warrior lion heart is within all of us.

I am like Simba. I am Nala. We are one. Chosen to fulfill this mission together. If we want to or not. We can’t resist what are hearts are longing for. They beat as one. If we aren’t together, we’re not happy.

I am the strongest, bravest, most loving and kind person on the planet, able to learn everything I want and thereby be successful at anything.

I wasn’t always like that. I was just lucky. Lucky to have a family that raised me by living up to their incredibly selfless loving values.

I was raised by a mother who sacrificed her life and overcame all her fear at the age of 20 to flight from harmful relationship and a country during war, with a baby on her chest, 15km through the dark forest, in order to guarantee

Like the refugees do. People, that left everything in order to run for their life. People who have nothing

People we treat with disgrace and hostility when they come and ask us for help. As their last resort.

I am one of them. I was just fortunate to have this family.

A family that decided to live in poverty in order to be able to invest any single cent into my education. I didn’t have many possessions when I grew up. But yet was I the happiest child on this planet. Because I was with a family that loves me to the moon and back, accepts and supports me unconditionally no matter what I do or what I say. Because my family gave me the most valuable thing there is: love and time. Because this is really all we have.

A family that gave me everything when I needed it but never asked for anything in return. A family that never judged me, no matter how different I was from them. A family that taught me what it means to be a good person.

My family made me who I am. And I will do anything possible to show the whole world what it means to love. Genuinely and unconditionally.

At first, I need to give that to Max. Because this is what puts his heart back into place. And once Simba is empowered, he will roar so loud that the whole world will follow.

And then we can go and play till the end of time. With our family and friends. The animals and nature.

With YOU.

Because all of you are my family. We are all connected. We are one.

All I want is peace.

I’m calling for a peaceful revolution. No fight. Just music.

Why would I get myself on the battlefield if I can chose the playground and turn the fight into a game?

I just ignited a revolution of love, leading to an evolution of humankind. Where everyone can be happy and free. And live their dreams.

We get there by finding love within ourselves. How? Just sing. And dance. Lets all create a massive lion king flashmob around the world.

I want to see every single person sing and dance. And break free of their prison minds of fear.

And I will not stop singing for peace until that happens.

Do you have a dream? Go and live it. Pack your bags and travel. Just leave. Even if its only a short trip. Do something new. Live the adventure.

Go explore. Find yourself. Do what you always wanted to do.

The only thing we ever have is NOW. The present moment. This is why we need to …

WAIT. OMG this is so crazy, the moment that I am writing this, the lady next to me on the plane puts on a new movie, all I see this UNIVERSAL pictures logo where the world lights up, the next thing is a screen saying „perfect world“ and then people dancing their asses off. Hahaha. Life is beautiful. I love it ! and so should you. Because everything happens for a reason. So theres no need to be afraid.

All we have is NOW.
What would you do if you only had only this day to live? Do that. NOW.

Who would you have called if you were in the plane in 911? Call that person now. Tell them how much you love them. You have nothing to lose.

And since you will die anyway one day, you can as well use your time here on earth and LIVE.


Thats all I have to say. I’m off to see Simba now. Can’t wait to sing with him. We’ll have the first song together. Like the first wedding dance. Thats basically what it is. Our hearts marrying. That will be the first wedding we will have. And there will not be a legal one. For tax reasons and just because I can do whatever I want.

I want to get married over and over again. Every year on the first of January. A ceremony in each country and culture there is. About 200 to go.

And all I want is a proposal ring. A very special custom made Tiffany Harmony ring, platinum with two extra diamonds, two ruby and two rose quartz stones next to the big bright shining diamond. (three each side). Because I am number 7.

maybe there will be a little number 8 joining in soon. I had sort of a vision for the 9.9.2018. It feels like my very special little soul is on her way.

OMG in this moment playing on spotifiy: Phil Collins – I’m on my way now. Okaaaaaayyyy. Thats interesting, lol.

Well, lets see what happens. To live would be an awfully big adventure. Can’t wait to dive right into the next one.

And OMG again. Got spotify on shuffle. What is playing now:

Where you are. from VAIANA.

Thats the name of MOANA in EUROPE.

its really the perfect message in this moment. Thank you so much Dad.

Walt Disney, you are absolute legend. And your legacy will never be forgotten. Can’t wait to have you back one day and celebrate our success. Together with little Moana Isabelle. That little sweetheart with incredible blue eyes. The purest little soul that has ever been born. The first diamond child. After all the indigos, crystals and rainbows.

And all the incredible other princesses, super heroes and every happy character, that has ever been created to win this game once and for all. Happily ever after. <3

We just crossed the finish line. The door to Neverland. Welcome to a new age. 🙂

PS: You’re welcome.

PPS: Someone went through my checked bags, I prepared a trap. But its the police, I mean, I worked there, I know what they can do. Which is basically everything if they make up a story and explain it somehow.

Here is the law – at least the one valid from germany in order to prevent a crime.

§ 11 HSOG – Allgemeine Befugnisse

Die Gefahrenabwehr- und die Polizeibehörden können die erforderlichen Maßnahmen treffen, um eine im einzelnen Falle bestehende Gefahr für die öffentliche Sicherheit oder Ordnung (Gefahr) abzuwehren, soweit nicht die folgenden Vorschriften die Befugnisse der Gefahrenabwehr- und der Polizeibehörden besonders regeln.

It means basically: You are allowed to do anything that is needed in order to prevent a crime. The officer decides whatever he thinks is needed. And thats the law then. Pretty interesting, isnt it?

I wonder what were if we would just be honest and admit that we mess up here and there without judging another but learn from them? maybe this world would be a better place. And with “me” i also mean myself.

I’m off to San Diego now. Seeing Romeo for the last final act of this masterpiece of drama act. Cinderella story. That homeless broke blogger girl is saved by the beast – super rich Mister Grey. With the perfect lovesong.  Time to wake up, I guess. To live would be an awfully big adventure.

Its not the worst way to apply for drama school, huh ? 😉

Has there ever been anyone making a movie using shitty selfie perspectives, public cameras and the natural surrouding as cast, playing all the different roles while being the writer of the play and the director? And thereby built an empire?

Can’t remember that happening before. But to be great, we have to think outside the box. And inside the clouds. iCloud a lot.

Hollywood I’m coming. You know you love me.

xoxo. Gossip Girl.

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur