OMG. This day has been absolutely incredible. My plans get clearer and everything simply falls into place. As in every every thing. And I fell in love. Well … my soul did thousands of years ago. 😀

Its crazy how perfectly my super manifestation techniques actually work.

My mission got so clear, oh my god. This is why it is so necessary to really write the story and then stick to it. This is massive manifestation power.

I found out that my core soul mission is to be a musician. I am on this planet to sing. And to play violin. And thereby to heal. I will have like a little fairy helper, a little spirit animal hummingbird flying over everyone who listens to my music, spreading healing light and love over them. I need to work with Ken Tamplin in order to turn my voice into pure gold.

My little hummingbird carries my loving energy that leads from darkness into the light.

I want a watercolor madala hummingbird tattoo on my upper back, right in my heart center. Maybe I’ll find someone in LA who can tattoo me. It must be a very special artist and this tattoo must be given to me as a gift.

I will travel around the world and enchant the whole world with my lovely voice that just got super activated. My soulmate Max will be with me. Meeting him brought so much peace to my heart and even though we can’t really believe that this will happen, I’m pretty sure that we will create the greatest love story of all times.

A real story about love, life, happiness and miracles. The miracle, that I created by writing this story.

But before that and all the traveling happens, there are a few more pieces of the puzzle to bring together. Here’s a few:


  • I will go to Juilliard with Max …maybe over summer for a couple of months. We will go there in order to learn more about the theory of music so we will be able to create specifically healing songs that activate the different energy points, just like the sanskrit words do. Based on that knowledge we can produce modern kirtan / mantra songs working as NLP anchors, in order to activate exactly the energy that is needed at the moment – as if we were using drugs. But we don’t. We use music. Which is pretty much the same. Pretty dope. #lokhasamasta

    In Juilliard Max will learn piano and guitar and I will learn dance and violin.

    Ken Tamplin will be my vocal coach. Its really like in the movie Fame. 😀 At some point I want to have a few guest roles in different musicals such as the Lion King, Grease, Tarzan and of course: finding Neverland.

  • I will find someone who invests in Honigkeks and builds the brand world wide.
  • I will find someone who invests in Moments Bakery and builds the brand world wide so everyone can be enchanted by my moms love … maybe we can even create a new Jeunesse product out of that. 😀
  • with Yin Tribe I will create a program that leads people to traditional hatha yoga and yin yoga. It will also be social platform that helps people to connect spiritually and find the right proximity in their spot . working together with Laura Seiler

    And I will build meditation centers that are build in Balinese style, but have also healing massage areas that are very crystal-ley, inspired by the thermal baths in germany.  There will be meditation cabins or bigger rooms .  I will build some sort of mini temples in busy

  • Tinder Confessions – just another funny website lol
  • GOALDIGGER: I will create a massive social network for networking purposes, facilitating the game of another life, helping people to manifest their absolute dream lives through creativity and networking , including an app to play like pokemon go and merch
  • for MOANA: Mermaids & Coconuts is gonna be the biggest ocean conservation website informing about dive sites, surf spots, whale sightings and stuff … – working together with Drenched & Rate my dive . Working out how diving can be used for healing through pressure, upside down, breathing and so on. revolutionize diving by teaching yogic breathing techniques , also outside from free diving . I need Andy and Scotty for this
  • #askforit – my incredible manifestation technique by working with “the best contact”, specified target group – tool to either approach a leader out of a certain group or to make an appointment with every person you know
  • languague studies: body language, cultures, energies – how bodies and souls communicate. How was I able to communicate with people without knowing their language ? therefore we need the orca studies, limbic system , brain communication
  • My role as in investor: I will just create business ideas and work them out to a certain point. Then I will either sell them or use my money to let someone facilitate it
  • I will sing with Ed Sheeran on stage in Sydney in March … and with some other stars around the world. Depends on where I am
  • I will visit cremona and check out that magic forest to maybe get a bow for my violin like a magic want
  • I will write a self help book that blows the whole world’s mind lol …the new bible. A manual for life, body, mind and soul – and GOALS!
  • I will be that superstar who really is with the people
  • I will revolutionize learning (especially self study) by developing a badass technique that enables peolpe to develop jedi focus
  • I need Max puppy for a field study to find out how to program human brains and create the anchors, working with pain and pleasure – revolutionizing NLP.
  • Proximity studies: then I will bring it together with my dogs and see how proximity affects it. then I will bring Angel – untrained – to the group, not train her and examine how fast she adapts the others behaviour and thereby show how mental health issues can simply be solved by chosing the right surrounding environment

And here’s the story that just got very clear:


My next stops are:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • New York
  • Frankfurt
  • Zillertal – Stock Resort
  • Dubai
  • Bali (end of January)

I just made the first attempt by sending this to my friend and mentor Calvin Becerra.

Hey Calvin,
I know I sound probably sound super weird and crazy and please dont read my FB posts if you dont wanna think I am totally nuts, they are part of a bigger plan, a controversy marketing strategy. You know what I am capable of and what I did last year was only accessing around 10% of my true potential.

I’ve been off active NWM for a year, because my role in this construct is a different one.

I have been working on something bigger that will make volume till the end of time because it will attract massive attention worldwide.

I cracked a few codes and developed techniques to
1. HEAL mental and physical health issues, through yoga, meditation and by using our incredible products
2. unleash the power within everyone on this planet, through self help , by combining spiritual practices such as breathing techniques with NLP and entrepreneurship.

I know that it will cause a massive change in this world, revolutionize network marketing as well as psychology and the self help sector and I really need to present my work to Wendy and Randy.

And I would like to introduce you to an incredible entrepreneur who I will work closely together with. the next triple diamond. 🙂 He is based in San Diego.

I am currently in Sydney but need to get to LA asap and I need your help to get there because part of my strategy is to work with social experiments to prove that my techniques work.

For the latest experiment, I gave everything away that I owned for charity (volcano evacuees and orphans in Bali) and went homeless in Sydney to prove that you can make it from zero to hero only by using your social skills and by building a network because this is your greatest capital.

And by overcoming your fear of rejection and asking people, sharing your honest intentions. This is part of my new networking strategy that works on approaching highly influential leaders, especially out of specific target groups.

I stated that by using this strategy I will be able to make an appointment with every person on this planet, if I want to. This is what I will use to recruit the right people with existing networks in order to go Diamond next year.

As I’m currently on the experiment, I am not allowed to use any money until I made some through network marketing. And I’m broke anyway because I gave everything away, so even if I wanted to use it, I didn’t have any.

I do also show that as long as you are able to make friends by adding value to other peoples lifes, you will always be able to find someone who helps you with your mission and lets you stay with them, especially within the network you build and when there is a certain culture that has been established like the team spirit within Jeunesse.

Therefore I am asking for your help. I need to fly to LAX from Sydney asap, could you book one? Direct flight would be very nice but I’d take anything to get there.

Economy is totally fine. I’m broke and homeless so I only own a small bag and one outfit anyway. Its an incredible story, Thats also part of the plan. The homeless girl that became a millionaire just by speaking to people. Fact tells, story sells, right? 🙂

Please let me know what you can do. If its currently not possible for you to help out I’d be happy if you connect me to Wendy and Randy so I can present them my work.

Thank you for everything you have done for me so far. You are an amazing leader and friend and my greatest inspiration. I felt bad about not making meetings and stuff and working my way through but everything happens for a reason and my mission lead me on another part. I like shortcuts. But if there are none, we have to create them. Thats german efficiency. 😀

So yeah.
I hope from hear from you soon. And make 2020 our year. One team, one dream. Always. ❤

Oh, and it would be amazing if I could stay with you for a couple of days to get myself back in the business vibe after all that inspirational island life. If thats not possible, I’ll find another way.
I always do . 🙂

Cant wait to speak in front of 20.000 in 2018. 😀

PS. I will pay back the flight of course.



Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur