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Christmas Confessions and the next steps on my mission. 

I had an incredible day. To be honest, since I jumped right into this big adventure all my days are amazing. I can hardly believe what is happening.

My vision gets clearer and my life becomes more amazing every single day.

I found who I am and what  I am here for. I found out what I want and need.

Here’s the frame of my story:

As others people freewill choices are involved, I can not put any names into the different roles.

This is the thing. You can only write the story for yourself and leave blank spaces with exact descriptions of the characters that will take that role. But you can’t force anyone into that role, even if you feel they are really made for it. In your story, they might be.

But your story isn’t everyone else’s. Unless you create something so big that it changes the world. Then your story becomes everyone’s. And this is what I am aiming for. Together with the most incredible man who supports me on my mission. And of course with all the legends that inhabit this planet.

I am here to change the world by teaching people how to find their life’s purpose and then reach any goal they want by learning any skill they need and build a social network that serves their purpose. Pretty big goal huh? I’ll work it out. 😀

The clearer my vision becomes, the easier and more fulfilling my life gets at the same time.

So here are the steps how to get to fulfill my mission:

25.12.2017 – SYDNEY

Next safe date:

End January – Bali, Family reunion

MARCH: singing PERFECT on stage in Sydney with Ed Sheeran (have to manifest that somehow lol)

OPTIONS for my mission in January:

  • EASY option: I manifest endless cash and the beach villa in Bali to work on this massive project to light up the world – Max joins in and we build Honigkeks (read HERE)
  • ROMANCE option: I manifest a boyfriend and travel Australia
  • SOLO option: I get into the musician scene in Sydney, work on my musical theatre skills & acro and work on saving the world with Duncan

Life is really like a DVD collection. I can chose what to pick next. Where the focus goes, the energy flows.

My priority is to manifest a boyfriend that supports my goal. Its either gonna be my super soulmate or my “normal” soulmate. Either way, its time.

So heres my requirements:

  • conscious, smart & independant
  • supportive towards my goals & my lifes mission (he’s an equal partner)
  • financially stable (yeah, money isn’t your capital but I doubt that my beachbum experiment works that well as a couple)
  • ideally matches my non harmful plant based lifestyle
  • spiritual, present & self aware
  • knows his worth & values
  • does his own thing
  • super affectionate, romantic, loving, caring & kind
  • active, adventurous, ambitious, outdoorsy
  • creative
  • confident & competent
  • funny & easy going
  • very masculine, hot body
  • happy enlightened soul <3
  • into travel, music, surf, yoga, food
  • pretty much flexible when it comes to time and space – no intense commitments, live well, travel often
  • loyal to the code of honor we create together
  • he’s cool with having a base in Bali
  • lets me roam around on my own without any trust issues or drama
  • joins me as often as he can 🙂
  • has his shit sorted out (no traumas, triggers and stuff)
  • dog person
  • vulnerable / emotional but never needy, annoying / demanding
  • never growing up Peter Pan child but BOSS like a super hero
  • I accept american and australian passports 😀

My core values:

  • honesty
  • open minded-ness
  • love & compassion
  • integrity
  • loyalty
  • reliability
  • flexibility

Here’s what I offer:

all the above 😛 and being the best girlfriend someone could ever think of. I’ll make you a lot of amazing food. and some other gifts 😀

This is how I want the relationship to be like:

  • loving & caring, mutual support
  • adding massive value to both lives
  • no stress or judgement or expectations or drama
  • clear and open communication without the above
  • deep connection on all levels
  • TEAM spirit

You are free to do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy, doesn’t affect me in a negative way, doesn’t harm the agreement we make and you’re honest about it.

When something else comes to my mind I might add it to this post.

I’m looking for someone with whom I can grow into the best version of myself. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Emotionally. 😀

Lets start with shaping a rocking body. I need you to make me fly high. Like this. With my eyes closed. Balancing on the edge – but stable. Within myself and through you. Fuck yeah. <3

dajana sain acro yoga

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