Dear Santa,

I’m writing to you because someone once told me that all your wishes come true if you believe in it and are willing to sacrifice everything for it.

And since its christmas I thought it would be a good day to have a little chat with you.

I’m currently on a mission to bring love and light to this planet so that everyone can be happy and free. I see all my friends suffering and its just not necessary. Because we are on this planet to play. To love. To experience joy. And to create.

I have this massive genius construct in my head, I developed a system to lead people into the light, in a very loving and playful way. A way that everyone benefits from. The spiritual ones. The

I will bring peace to all yins and yangs. I will bring ZEN to everyone.

But I need your help. I need to be in an environment that allows me to work on this project in the most effective way. I cant do it on my own. Only teamwork makes the dream work. This is why I need my team around me. On my travels I met the right people with the right knowledge. I need them to work with me to build and empire and at the same time build incredible personalities.

MY core team is my family. I love them so much. Only their love, support and teachings got me to where I am know. They turned me into the incredible person I have become through the years. From being massively traumatized and zero empathetic to someone who has life figured out. I swear I can sort out every single issue anyone on this planet has. I will empower those who have genuis ideas but no voice and no idea of how to put them into action. I have all this knowledge and my purpose is to teach the world how to be a good person, how to be relaxed, how to find your souls purpose and how to make any dream and goal come true. This will add so much to humankind and this planet because I combine all the teachings and approaches to one that serves EVERYONE. Even the greatest illuminati leaders will benefit from it. I am one of them. My mind is gifted with genius brilliant ideas.

But as active my brain is, my heart is too. I am also one of the super spiritual tribes. I am all. The lion and the lamb. We need to make peace with each other to evolve our human race and achieve true greatness. If we want to write history we need to overcome our ego shit and work together. We need to make peace within ourselves first and then open our hearts and minds to create massive greatness that helps every single person to live a life full of happiness, joy and meaning. In unity with nature, respecting the laws and rules of the planet that hosts us and lets us play and create as much as we want.

We are ONE. We have so much wasted potential sitting on the streets or starving in africa. I am one of them. I’m one of the greatest souls and at the same time most brilliant minds this planet has ever seen. And I’m homeless on the street. To make a statement. Of how much more there is to get once we start to open our eyes and ears and really start SEEING and LISTENING.

We all have this one goal of the super human race, living in peace and ABUNDANCE. The new world. I dont even care if there is 24/7 control over what I am doing. There is anyway. And we need some rules to make this work.

The dream of an enlightened united human race that benefits from the diversity found in all the individuals.

We can never succeed on our own. No matter how much potential ONE person or one group might have. We always need the other side to balance it out. To create SYNERGIES.

My family taught me how to be a good person. How to love. They gave me all their principles by living by example. This is the proximity I need to teach the whole world ANYTHING. I have so much knowledge. And I have the gift to be able to explain it in a language that everyone understands.

But I cant work like this. I dont WANT to work like this. I need an environment that serves my goal and this is what all these geniuses out there need to help me to make this world a better place. A fair reward.

If you provide me with what I need I will teach every single person on this planet how to:

  • LIVE (create experiences & memories)
  • LOVE (create realtionships and human connections)
  • LAUGH (be yourself & enjoy life without regrets)
  • LEAD (lead others and teach what you know)
  • LEARN (anything they want)
  • LIFT (create the perfect HEALTH & body)

I will lead people to their hearts and help them to extract that divine spark of genius, that sacred gift that is within each and everyone. And then I will show them how to do exactly this thing that they love most and at the same time be able to turn that into a sustainable business. This is where happiness is rooted. Happiness is the highest level of success. If people are happy they work more and better. So we need to make them happy and let them work on whatever they love most.

I will include the opportunity of network marketing into my plan because thats an incredible way to reach financial freedom and do whatever you love most. And I love jeunesse more than anything, the products are simply incredible and serving everyones purpose.

I might even teach network marketing…well, thats actually all I do all day. Just not with products. I do it with ideas.

I will write a book called. #askforit – 7 steps to manifest anything you want , inspired by Eric Worres Go Pro.

This is how I will teach people social skills and thereby gift them with their biggest capital. I’ve been living homeless in Sydney like a queen just by using my social skills. I can easily manifest anything I want by asking for it. This is why I ask for this in order to fulfill my mission.

And I know that Santa wants to stay anonymous, so I won’t question who provided my wishes and needs but just be grateful for it and use it wisely and responsible in order to

I simply know that I am one of the greatest teachers of all times but I need a place that allows me to become still and get my thoughts sorted so I can drop that bomb of genius in order to light up this whole planet.

And I need the most valuable fuel there is : the essence of womanhood, the engine that will drive this whole planet: LOVE through FAMILY.

So here are my requirements:

  • quiet private beach villa in Uluwatu, Bali with 8 bedrooms
  • private beach access of course
  • equipped with white grand piano, guarneri del gesu violin
  • unlimited credit card
  • iphone X and some Macs around and a pink 11′ macbook
  • best internet possible
  • ALL jeunesse products on masse
  • massive room with walls that I can write on … but no, writing ain’t efficient enough, i need something that projects my thoughts on a wall and then I can take them and put them into the right order . maybe I can just speak them out like on siri and than take this bubble of thoughts and place it somewhere where I can use it best
  • some of the candy that Max had the other day


I need to fuel myself with love and celebrate Christmas, so I need you to:

  • fly in my grandma and grandpa from croatia
  • fly in my grandma, uncle, his partner and my grandmas new boyfriend from Frankfurt. cant wait to meet him. 🙂
  • fly in my croatian family – ALL of them. Valter, Milka, Lucia, Dario, Tanja, Noah, Vito, Patrik, everyone.
  • fly in my parents and my DOGS Cookie and Honey from Germany
  • fly in my sister from wherever she is
  • the flights need to be either private or charter first class and without hassle for anyone, serve them amazing vegan food, the dogs fly in the cabin, they are hand baggage
  • vegan chef (i want the one who drove me to the airport)
  • bring my girl Sarah Emmerich from Germany. I bet she’s the best assistant ever, that little badass. Its no job though, she can adventure as much as she wants. 😀
  • bring me Wayan to take care of my dogs and organize excursions on the island, he needs to bring my dog Angel, too. I need that dog to train it and thereby find out and teach the world how to program themselves on whatever they want
  • give my friend Dayu and her family a nice villa close by and pay her 10million IDR a month for taking care of the house . She needs to clean daily , every morning, after that she is free to do whatever she wants
  • fly in Max for a business meeting.  I need his brain to work with me on this and we need to integrate him in the family to supercharge his power so he’ll be there for christmas


  • I need a private jet with a private pilot to get me to wherever I need to go (I want my friend Dean Ricci for this job)
  • send me Ken Tamplin to sort out my voice
  • send me David Garrett for some jam sessions, need to get my violin skills back

Requests for my family:

  • My mom becomes the most famous cake designer on this planet. Her creations are pure love. Seriously guys, no one should ever miss out on this food. We need someone to build the moments bakery baking mixtures empire, please send over a brilliant entrepreneur for that.
  • My grandparents get to travel and do whatever they like. find a buyer for their house in Zminj and give them a decent one on the beach in Pula
  • send my sister on travels or whatever she wants to do
  • let my dad open up a massive adventure kindergarten. Theres no one else on this planet who can play better with children and help them to become amazing adults than him.

My rules:

I can do whatever I want and take any approach I like to save this planet. My approach is that I will share the truth. For the higher good I promise to stick to the yogic principles. Such as non harmfulness, truthfulness, non stealing and these sort of things. Because we need some sort of rules on this planet. The mind is like a blank page and we are there to program and fill it with greatness. We need to install the right apps on our iphones. Ones that dont harm anyone, dont soak energy and are ONLY POSITIVE in order to serve humanity and the planet.

I will also openly talk about how to bend/expand truth and rules to an acceptable extend that doesnt harm anyone. About reality. In a way that allows everyone to create their own opinion about it by exploring what is true for them.

See it as an investment. This is like Steve Jobs asking for his garage, his tribe and some tools to build the most incredible products on this planet. I’ve been writing this story for 4 years already so theres not much risk that I bail out now once I have all this stuff.

Because I dont want it for myself. I don’t need anything but myself to be happy. I was super happy as a homeless chick on the streets of sydney. But how could I ever be truly happy if my friends aren’t. I have all the knowledge and I need to get it out and create the most amazing masterpiece to enlighten this whole planet.

I got the brilliant plan worked out. A plan that includes brilliant entrepreneurial moves, combining online and offline, the TECH world with the spiritual and physical world.

So I need these things I stated above to make everyone else happy and turn this planet into heaven, inhabited by incredible superhuman machines that work together.

I need these  requirements when I want to be Moana and put back Te Fitis heart. LOVE wins. Once and for all. Because it marries FEAR. These are the contrary forces governing this planet. Death and birth. Day and night. Yin and yang. online and offline. we need both.

I will create an eternal ZEN space on this planet and bring heaven to earth by combining logic with love. Spirituality with entrepreneurship. Moon and sun.

I dont even need to become famous. Just need to do my work and have a lot of toys, space and time to play. This is how I can teach the world how to be ONE TEAM, ONE FAMILY! Forever young. <3

So yeah Santa, You’d better bet your millions on ME, as I am the fastest race horse you’ll ever get in this game. I’ll bring you billions. Billions of hearts and a work force that no one has ever seen before. A volontarily one. Because we are here to do stuff. To create. Not to slave. Exploiting people is a waste of energy. We need to empower them to work in their favor and they will never stop working again. As long as there is enough play in between.

Just book the flights and send the booking confirmations to goal(at)

Send me information about the driver and everything on there. Or just create a facebook profile that works as my personal assistant. And I need a vodafone around the world SIM and unlimited data and phone credit. I want it ASAP. Time is an illusion. Can go back to Sydney at any time anyway. Its time for the next step in this brilliant game.

And I wont work and contribute to humanity until I get whatever I need to do this. I will keep playing and enjoying myself until this happens.

Because I’m not an idiot, slaving my ass off for nothing.  it would be pretty good for everyone on this planet to provide me with these things. Otherwise I cant work. How easy is that. Or in yang language: I refuse to work and save this planets ass until I’m in an environment that allows me to work at my best. I will just play and do nothing until that happens.

So if you want another Jesus to be born today and bring love and light AND a solid plan how to do that, here’s what we need for that. What works for me works for everyone else. I am able to teach EVERYONE but I won’t put pressure on myself anymore because I know my worth and I dont need to prove anything to anyone anymore. I am. This is what makes me happy. If you want me to teach that, you know what to do.

Lots of love, Dajana <3

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur