Ok I just had this major realization that what I really wanna do is MUSIC. Well, thats nothing new.

I’m such a life artist, its pretty hard to find out what I love most. Because the truth is: I won’t ever be able to commit to only one thing.

I LOVE CREATING. I’m a creator. A musician. A social experimenter. A blogger. An actress. A speaker. An entrepreneur. A life lover.

I don’t want to limit myself. I wanna do all the things. My main main goal is to save this planet. My dream is to become a really good musician and motivational speaker.

I think my latest little experiment (giving everything away and going homeless in Sydney lol) showed me clearly what I am here for: to SPEAK. In order to spread the love.

And speak means SING.

My time in Bali was up. Bali gave me so much. But I knew I needed to get my voice out into the world.

My intuition send me to NEW YORK. But its too cold there in winter to be homeless, so I chose Sydney.

In Sydney I found little New York. And I found out that I’ll be able to survive in a super expensive city only on my single best skill:

Speaking to people & making friends.

I think for me, besides speaking up for those in need, going homeless was a practice of the worst case scenario.

And it was the most radical & effective way to free my mind from the money prison thought and to overcome my greatest fear: being myself (crazy lol) & make music in public.

A skill you definitely need as a musician.

So the universe kicked my ass and got my blogger me on track and send me out on the next « find yourself & GROW big time » adventure.

No wonder why I don’t get to write a book. I’m too busy documenting my own crazy adventure . That’s the book. Fuck yeah.

So the game of another life goes on:

Next big mission is to make it to Juilliard. Or at least some sort of musical theater training including vocal and violin.

This is why I left Bali. Proximity is power.

It was time to grow but I wasn’t surrounded by people that were lifting me up. I was the one lifting all. The one with the biggest dreams that nobody else said: yeah you can do it ! But only: yeah sure, COME DOWN.

The secret is: it’s NEVER FUCKING EVER time to come down. To think smaller. To SETTLE.

I almost settled for a chilled life until the universe send me the next message leading me on my path. The next big leap.

I know now why I had to leave Bali.

When you grow into the strongest of your pack and can’t find someone to coach & push you, you need to leave the pack for a new pack or for a solo challenge that will make you grow like a solid coach & partner / tribe would.

I’m always the one pushing & supporting EVERYONE else.

To be able to keep that role, I needed an environment that serves & promotes my growth and purpose. Bali didn’t. I had to grow stronger & develop massive confidence to follow my dream and do what I truly love:


BY hanging out on the Sydney streets I found out that I could get around with ZERO money if I wanted. Not working anything & not touching the cash I have. It turned out to be brilliant. Not only did I always have awesome food but I met the most amazing people and learned a lot about myself and life.

And i found my way into the artisty scene.

Throughout the past years I developed social skills that allowed me to build a social network within any scene I aim to.

This is what will get me into Juilliard. And at the same time I’ll manifest the cutest Iove story ever. Can’t wait for that part. 😁✨

I almost settled for a nice australian boyfriend who doesn’t quite match my requirements instead of shooting for the star. My absolute soulmate. But I’m back on track now.

sorry, cute rich potential 2nd choice boyfriends – the real love story wins over the substitute. ITs like with the waves. Never settle for the whitewash, no matter how strong it might be and carry you, go for the unbroken wave.

So here’s the story of my life:

I will stay in Australia until end January and then go back to Bali, where I will meet my parents and spend an awesome time with them. This is where I will pick up my violin. 🙂

After Bali, I’ll go to New Zealand to meet Dr. Ingrid Visser and work a bit with her and the Orcas. That has been my dream for such a long time. But maybe I’ll skip that and go straight to Hawaii.

If not, I’ll go to Vanuatu, new caledonia, salomon islands, Tahiti and then to Hawaii to meet the one person who is gonna bring my voice on track big time: Ken Tamplin.

I will go there and be coached by the most amazing teacher I was able to find. The truth is: you can teach yourself anything. but the best way to learn is to have the best teacher. This is why I will go there and let him turn my voice into a stream of liquid gold so I will be able to use it as an instrument of healing.

I will not give up until he teaches me. The secret to success is to never give up and try as long as needed until you reach your goal.

Obviously life wants me to keep moving. But as proximity is a great part of success and often I am not able to find exactly the right people who promote my growth by seeing the vision and stepping into the same direction, I need solitude to achieve real greatness.

This is why I am asking for 10 Million USD and a quiet beach villa in Bali where I can stay and work on the most amazing plan to unleash the massive potential this planet has to offer. I will use money in the solitary episodes that I need for massive creation. Besides from that I decided to live minimalistic and not buy anything but ask for what I want and need. There is always someone who has a spare of something that y0u need.

There will be someone who has so much cash that they dont mind giving me 10 M USD. And there will be someone who owns a beach villa and doesn’t use it. I know where I am going and that I will definitely change the world but I need help for that.

I will use my adventurous periods to learn about people and life and I will use my solitary periods to create and improve the vision and the plan. Because this is what I am here for.

I aim to do a social experiment to generate the 10M USD – the hour of fortune.

I will elevator pitch maximal 60 people until I find someone who donates me that much money so I can work on my mission without being disturbed for the rest of my life.

The funny thing is: I will not do any presentation or dress up fancy. I will not even set up a landing page or so. Just a BLOGPOST or a site on this blog. I will simply ask and share the truth.

Starting with asking someone I met r on the street in Sydney. Then working my way up through their contacts.

My pitch will be:

Hour of fortune

I’m a success coach and motivational speaker doing a social experiment to make 10M USD in less than one hour by speaking to maximum 60 people with a 1-minute elevator pitch because I’m on a mission to change the world and I need to be in an environment that allows me to work properly.

I have 2 questions for you.

  1. how much are you able to contribute to that project and invest in humanity?
  2. who is the richest person you know?

If you don’t want to be part of this experiment I respect that and I will ask someone else but whatever happens in my life gets documented and published anyway. You are in my story now and you decide how much of a difference you make today.

Yeah well, I’m sure that I will do that at some point. Its crazy how much new realizations I had lately and people are really not getting the truth at all which is pretty sad. I mean we’ve been trying to wake our fellow souls up for ages but it didn’t really work out, so I will contribute to that higher goal and help people waking up in a very gentle and constructive way. Because the truth is, we’re really all like in a big animated computer game and we can’t even die because we are immortal and only inhabiting these incredible bodies.

The planet consists of two contrary forces, the masculine and the feminine, yin and yang. The problem with awakened souls within humans is that once we wake up we are either YIN ( female ) or super YANG.

At the moment, most of the people live in an unhealthy expression of either one of both. Unhealthy feminine is located in the lowest chakra (root) and expresses itself in depression and all sorts of whiny shit like anxiety. Its pretty much going inwards.

It can also express itself as an imbalance in sexual behaviors such as attention whoring and tindering 24/7. Because our basic human needs are emotions and stuff so this is a way to channel this.

Unhealthy masculine energy is located in the upper chakras – in the head. So people rage quickly, explode and stuff. Everything that goes outwards.

So when that unhealthy energy becomes healthy and the soul is awake, its still not in the best because only feminine or only masculine energy dont really work out well.

will continue another day. I swear I’l change the world with all the knowledge I accumulated.

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur