Hi guys,

my name is Dajana and I’m a blogger, entrepreneur, scientist motivational speaker, artist, social experimenter, adventurer, musician, creator, radiant being of light, wild spirit and life lover. I can’t really put a label on myself because that would only limit my possibilities and not do me any justice. I do not fully identify with anything because I’m a little bit of everything.

Half man half woman half boy half girl, half spiritual yogi weirdo, half badass business lady … full child. I’m a loving mother, daughter and sister, I’m a badass warrior smashing all my goals when I want to. Most of the times I’m an adventurous child in Neverland, jumping around somewhere on the planet, experiencing life to the fullest.

I’m an artist and a scientist. A creative spiritual being with a sharp logic ambitious mind.

Since I was able to think consciously, I’ve been searching for the secret of life. The secret of happiness. Now that I found it I aim to share my experiences by living the dream and documenting that. I’ve been doing that for three years now.

Life is really about the perfect blend of contrary forces. Masculine and feminine. Yin and Yang. And each of them is both, yin and yang. Body and mind. Fire and water.

But the governing force is LOVE. Ether. My life number is 5. Because we need all 5 to create greatness.

We need 2 yins and 2 yangs – two half YIN-YANGS and LOVE that keeps it all together.

My ultimate life goal is to bring happiness to every soul on this planet and I invented a playful way to help everyone creating the life of their dreams. Because this is the purpose of life. We are here to play. YOU are born to be great and to enjoy every single moment of your existence.

As this attitude it a bit difficult to adapt while you are – like most people – currently living in another reality than me, I created the easiest way to learn this way of life. Free from fear and full of joy.

My project is called GAME OF ANOTHER LIFE. The next facebook sort of thing.

You basically create a character and a story, the story of your perfect life.  Then you LIVE that story as often as possible – as if LIFE was a giant animated computer game. Because thats basically what it is. And I am the one who cracked the code with her logic mind and uses her creative side to bring the realizations to the people, in a way that they understand. I don’t even need to explain. I just created somthing they can easily use and it works, if they believe in it or not. Just like my network marketing company does with their amazing products. They simply work – believe it or not. Because even though we might look different, our bodies are all the same. We are all the same. We are ONE. I found away to bring the whole world back together and create eternal ONENESS for everyone.

Because we are one team, we have one dream. We are one family. All of us want to be happy and free. And I found a way to lead everyone into the light. How we can be forever young, happy, healthy and succesful. Fuck yeah.

Feel free to follow my adventures online and join in by creating the character you want to embody.

You can contact me on social media at any time. Depending on what environment I am currently in it might take some time for me to answer though. But as time is just an illusion so yeah, just get used to it.

Or create a way to reach me. We are all creators. And to live would be an awfully big adventure. So lets go ! 🙂

Read more about my project here.

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur