SOULS & SUCCESS: The power of the HEART 

Once you listen to your heart, you will know your truth. Your destiny.

The truth is both, a blessing and a curse.

Because if you know the truth, you know what is possible. You know that you are meant to do something great because whatever you can see in your mind, you are able to create.

But once you know your goal, you will also be aware of what you have to sacrifice for that and it fucking hurts. But this is what life is about. You can have everything in life … if you sacrifice everything else for it.

That means for example that you cant see your family for some time because you chose to chase your dreams. Or that you have to leave someone behind who you love more than anything. Maybe your dogs. Your children. Your boyfriend. Girlfriend. Whoever. Whatever. It doesn’t matter.

It often means that you have to cut a connection because the person you are with isn’t going in the same direction as you are.

And that hurts. The more you are connected, the more it hurts. It doesn’t even matter how long you have known a person in this life to be massively connected to them. Then it will simply rip your heart out to leave them behind.

Soul connections are something that we dont understand, because we can’t explain it with logic.

Sometimes, bonds are already there, even if you didn’t create them. They have been there for ages, because soul connections are ancient. They cant be broken but they hate to be seperated in our human existence.

And we feel those connections so deep in our hearts, that it hurts more than anything to give them up in order to follow our higher purpose.

Its the hardest thing to leave someone you love and to move on. But only if we are strong enough to overcome the fear of loss and the pain that comes with it, we will be able to achieve true greatness.

The experience of loss is the hardest one. This is what dying is about. this is why people fear death. But you can actually only die while you are alive. Dying means to leave a piece of your heart behind as you step forward.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, we must keep moving. Sometimes we are lucky and the ones we love move with us.

But often, we need to make a decision that doesn’t only break someone elses heart, but also our own.

Maybe it helps to realize that pain is an expression of love. It shows how much love there is in our hearts, how much love we are able to feel for another. And where is love, there is hope.

I decided to shoot for the stars and within the past 3 years it feels like I’ve been through 21 lifetimes. I died over and over again, transforming into a higher version of myself every single time. And the deaths become easier to step into as the fear is fading. The births into a new chapter are more smooth from time to time.

But the pain in the transition state stays the same. Only the perception about pain is shifting.

In order to achieve our greatest form of success, we need to make peace with pain. We need to embrace it. Marry it. Accept it as part of the process and be grateful for it. because only a heart that still feels pain is a healthy one.

Pain makes us feel how much we love. It makes us feel alive. Emotions are energy. It can drain us as well as it can supercharge us. We need to find a way to transform pain into fuel.

A giant fire can burn us. But it can also make us run faster and further than anything ever before. Everything is energy. Emotion is our greatest power.

We just need to be creative and channel that powerful energy into a medium that serves our highest good.

Life is really just about perception.

So we can either sit down and cry because there are so many rocks lying on our path or we can wipe away those tears and be grateful because god gave us exactly the material we need to build a castle .

And only if you go beyond your pain, you will evolve into the highest version of yourself. And only then, you will be able to meet your absolute soul mate, the one you are really meant to be with. Because that person will never get in your way, he/she will be exactly on the same path.

So you don’t have a choice anyway.

Well…you still have the option to settle for less. But settling is for losers. Winners never quit. Quitters never win. 😉

So start listening to your heart and be willing to take the pain today. It will pay off. I promise.

Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur