Our lives are pretty much already planned out.

I always imagine life as a game with many different levels that you can achieve. Like in Super Mario.

In each level you have different challenges and obstacles with a different intensity.

The story of Level 1 is already written. Basically of all levels. And its gets better and better – as you get better and better in playing it. Thats why I created the game of another life, an easy way to create your reality.

But back to the levels, if you stay in a certain level, you’ll meet certain kinds of people. In every level there is a partner waiting for you, helping you to grow and evolve.

These relationships carry a learning experience for both and start with a challenge. Either both accept the challenge and grow from it – together. This is how the relationship grows.

BUt most of the times, one is stronger than the other and it comes to a separation. In this case, the one who moves forward, grows and goes a level up.

The other one stays in that level and meets another person that he can master the task successfully. Those relationships are called karmic relationships because they mirror the things you have to work on in order to become a better person and to master your relationships.

Life is basically really about personal development. Its about becoming the highest version of yourself. Finding love and peace within yourself and helping others to do the same. Relationships, where you are emotionally involved, trigger your past traumas and thereby

“Never waste a good trigger.” Thats what one of my dear friends and favorite yoga teachers Keli Dierings said once.

It means that you should feel grateful about a trigger because its guiding you the way to healing. It helps you to solve a subconscious issue. People are the best triggers because they make us explode sometimes. Our goal is to become resistent to the destructive energies of others – which is fucking tough.

Yoga enables us to skip these experiences that can be incredibly painful and exhausting. When we do yoga, we get the opportunity to burn our Karma in through our practice.

Yoga is not a workout. Its there to calm and clear our busy minds, to release tension in our bodies and build strength to be able to manage and govern our energies successfully. There is so much to say about yoga and I personally know only a little bit about it.

But I want to learn more because yoga has given me so much. I just did a yin yoga session at home and it feels amazing. It gives me so much direction and insights in my soul.

Like I said, the stories are already written within us. They are in our hearts. And the bigger we are able to think, the bigger we will be able to play. That doesn’t mean that we can skip a level. But once we get how it works, we play through them pretty quickly.

Each level holds new adventures for you. The sad truth is, that most people get stuck in a level and stay there for the rest of their lives. Thats really not what we are here for. Each and everyone of us is here for a reason and carries a great task to fulfill within.

Each level also holds a new soul mate for us, in case that we are the ones who evolved and left our previous partner behind. And once you become the highest version of yourself, you will reunite with your twin flame. That’s the person who you love more than anything else on this planet. The person that you are meant to be with. The person you incarnated together with because you are here to do great work.

But what happens if that person accidentially dies before you are able to reunite or gets stuck in another level?

Then you have to keep going on your own. I was struggling with that question for some time because I am a twin and no matter what, our hearts and souls are always connected.

We met and it was just crazy, indescribable. But obviously it wasn’t the right time. Something caused separation and one day I will understand. I might already do to a degree.

I am a role model. And I believe that this particular learning experience was that as a woman, I can never allow anyone to treat me less than I deserve to be treated, no matter how much I love them or connected we are. I was struggling with this A LOT in this life because I would always count my inner wisdom and feeling higher than the reality that I was currently facing. And to a degree, this is absolutely the attitude / approach to life that I support.

Our hearts KNOW. They know what is best for us and where we belong. And they are willing to take so much pain and sorrow

This is about boundaries. About self love and self worth. Its about knowing your worth and not allowing ANYONE to treat you less than that. Not even yourself.

Relationships start WITHIN us. Its not about someone else. We often crave love and attention from the outer world because we aren’t able to give that to ourselves. Once we step over that hurdle, we can take the next step and create a relationship with someone else.

So for me, the experience with my twin was obviously the last challenge that helped me to overcome my abandonment / daddy issues. The experience of loss is what makes us grow the most and I had to let go in order to grow. I had to accept that this reunion might actually not happen in this life and be okay with it. I had to accept that I would never be able to love anyone else like that and even when I enter a relationship with someone else, it could end, when the twin souls decide that its time to unite.

I was so afraid to enter a relationship pretty much the past 3 years because I knew that there was that (twin) person that I had to find and even after I found him, I  was programmed on the belief that I would only break someone’s heart if I chose to create a serious intimate relationship with another person.

Today I know better. Today I know that the twin flame reunion is a process that helps both to become the highest version of themselves. Which means that I have to find my true calling and follow it, no matter what. And I did.

I am here to make music … and to teach yoga. Yin yoga. I had this vision for a couple of months, to teach massive yin yoga and life music classes all over the world. Like yogananda did (just no yin).

And therefore I have to well… LEARN more about music and yin yoga. And learning includes practicing. So I’ll just yoga around and make music all day. And study about the science behind it.

And share my life and my experiences on my blogs because thats also what I am here for. To share my transformation in order to help and inspire others with it to follow their hearts and create the life of their dreams. A life that matches the heart. Because a dream is a whish your heart makes. <3

I thought about writing on my book for 1 hour a day from now on (in german tho) and doing a live video on my fanpage every sunday, where I play ONE song, that I have perfectly practiced until then. HOws that?


Written by dajana
Blogger & Entrepreneur